09 November, 2011

Wait.. are you sitting down?

Ok. Sit down. Sit back. Read on.
You can buy this book:  The Police Complete
for $10,599 (AU$) with free shipping. Yes, free shipping. Yay! (!!!)
The book is paperback, 224 pages long & is the complete songbook for The Police.

Or you can buy this Encylopedia: Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry: Applications, Theory and Instrumentation
for $15,799 (AU$) with free shipping too!
This book is hardback, 14344 pages long & is the Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry.

Ok, ok, so you're wanting some arty?
You could buy this book/print: Chihuly Black Limited Edition
for $7699 

or for $4599 this Backstage Dior hardback Backstage Dior: Print 1

Or not. Or you could read a Mills & Boon or the newspaper or the back of the cereal box too!

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  1. LOL..I have seen out of print crochet books priced crazy too..It almost makes me laugh..I wonder if they actually sell?..Keep us posted on that..


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