01 November, 2011

Yep, another project

I'm sitting here wishing I could start & finish something. Something that I'll be proud of. 
And no, I haven't finished anything.. so in theory, I shouldn't be starting anything.  Well stuff that theory!
Here is the project that I've chosen. 
I saw these crocheted welly boots & fell in love with them and the sizing will just (with a squeeze) fit bubba.
Wish me luck, I've never ever, ever, ever made booties before and I've never ever, ever, ever finished a pattern either!  
I wonder if I will finish them before bubba turns 5!!!


  1. Very cute. I hope you can get them finished and they fit!

  2. Booties are an ideal quick fix. I love making them as they are quick, don't use much yarn and are uber cute.

  3. they are really cute! Is it a purchased pattern? You WILL get them finished, they'll only take you a few hours. If you want to make them a bit bigger, use a bigger hook.


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