03 March, 2012

Book Review: The Host

 The HostThe Host by Stephanie Meyer
Recogise the authors name?  Yep, it's the same Stephanie Meyer that wrote the Twilight series but wait, before you've rolled your eyes and flicked to something else.. just wait.

So yes, this is a lovestory, kind of. Not the vampire meets mortal girl type of love.
The.. 'Oh No, aliens have taken over the world' type of love story. And once again, no, I'm not joking.
Basically, Melanie's body has been taken over by the invading soul alien, Wanderer aka Wanda. But Wanda has a conscience, she wants Melanie to return to her own people and doesn't want to be a burden but that is when the real trouble begins. Melania/Wanda aren't readily accepted back into the hidden community, she is after all, everything that they are hiding from but soon she starts to earn their trust.

There is kind of a love triangle but not really, hard to explain. Yes there is a bad guy, kind of, but not really, hard to explain.  The book is set in a hidden community living in a cave like structure to protect their families from the soul invading aliens.

Ok, so now that I've read my review, I'm confusing myself. Ugh!  But as they say, Do Yourself A Favour & read this book!

Rie's Book Review Rating::::  
 10 =  You MUST read this book.  I've read this book, over & over & over again! Yes, I adore this book! 
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  1. ok. :)
    have you read anne rice?

  2. okay thanks for reccommending it! I have seen it but never read it. I might give it a try.



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