14 April, 2016

A blokey bag!

Ok, time for some show & tell!
I made this bag for my brother's birthday and the colours were pre-approved by the fella in my family to being (& I quote) "Blokey Colours".

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I'd been debating about buying this pattern for awhile but finally decided to jump in and buy it as I had a sudden urge to make my bro a gift rather than giving him the standard gift voucher from a hardware store!
I'm pretty happy with the result... you'd be too if you'd suffered through the pattern! Ohmygosh, I've never come across such a poorly laid out pattern before!  I had to find an online sewing group to 'decipher' the ramblings within the pattern and then with the aid of some YouTube videos, I managed to complete it!   
I'm actually heading to my stash to make myself a couple of these and then maybe one for Mum and one for my hubby for him to store his guitar gadgets in.  I thought I'd keep one of these bags next to my sewing machine and then have another in the loungeroom for my hand-sewing stuff and then another with my knitting & crochet stuff.

Have you ever made one of these bags before, if you did ... what did you think of the actual pattern (not the result) -- are my expectations too high when it comes to sewing patterns because I'm a knitter?  Hmm...
I'd love your feedback! 


  1. Looks professional, Rie! Well done :)

  2. Like you I love the results but found the pattern to be one of the worst I have seen! ( I was a pattern tester for over 4 yrs) I had it for over a year before I sewed it because I didn't wish to spend my time trying to figure it out!..If it wasn't for the step by step videos I would of never got it done. So you are not alone in your feelings!
    No, this is not the standard of all bag patterns ( thanks goodness)
    I just find it a shame that such a poorly written pattern cost so much :-(
    One day I will try the original Sew Together version to see if its better written but for now ...one adventure was enough !LOL

  3. that's a new adjective for me, mind if I use it?


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