09 May, 2016

New plans and a new face...kinda!

I've been making lists and I've been making some changes to me.
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Crafty wise, I feel like I'm dabbling in too much stuff and not getting much done. I'm dying under piles of fabric that I bought on a whim, yarn that I bought for a reason (then promptly forgot what for) and half finished projects. Eep. It's actually getting quite distressing because I when I sit down to do something there is too much crap about & too many options so I don't know what to do first.
Breathe in, breathe out.
Right then, I need to start a list and set some goals.

Sewing stuff:
~ finish the 3 bgb's that are in the above piccie, they just need binding
~ then sort out my craft crap & fill those bgb's up!
~ learn how to use my new toy
~ plan, cut & start sewing 2 Adventure Cases (one for Joe, one for Laney)
~ attend a one day course on how to make undies
~ then make lots of undies for Joe and maybe for me with this pattern
~ make a Tinker Tote for a bloggy friend
~ plan, cut & sew a Willow Dress for Laney
~ start to make a plan for how to make Mum's Xmas quilt
~ plan, cut & sew a Matilda Dress for Laney
~ plan a journal of some type for Joe & his crystal collection
~ plan, cut & sew a BeachComber Pinny for Laney
~ plan, cut & sew a Jammin Jumper for Laney
~ cut & sew a t-shirt for me

Yarn stuff:
~ Milo dress -- finishing knitting
~ study Brioche techniques then start & finish Joe's hat with the wool he dyed
~ cardigan for me -- finally decide on a pattern for me, swatch and have the wool ready to go for when I've finished my other knitting projects
~ finish crocheting the rainbow baby blanket   
~ crochet the cactus (yes, a cactus!!)
~start a new car project - a shawl

Do you get overloaded with too many things too?  Do you have a game plan for crafting or just fly by the seat of your pants?

Also, something totally NOT crafty is that I feel like I've knocked off tens years off my face!  Amazeballs I know but honestly, this is just so good that I have to tell you about it! After giving birth to my first child (just over 5 years ago) my skin changed, for the worst. Perhaps it was old age starting to kick in or too many hormones from pregnancy & birthing but whatever the cause, I didn't like what I saw in the mirror until I tried this.. I thought 'what the heck, I'll give it a go just the once' and whammo, it was like magic! I popped it on at night and saw a difference the very next morning! I kept using it all week and gosh, I'm liking my reflection today!  Actually, it wasn't until the lady at the Post Office asked me what I was dressed up for ..when I wasn't, I only had my jeans & sweatshirt on that I realised she must have noticed a different in my skin that is when I decided then & there to tell you about it!  So go on, give it a try or not, it's totally up to you but it's now a part of my skin care regime!


  1. I am over whelmed most of the time but I am trying to get better. Making lists is the way to go.

    1. I need a list in order to write a list for lists!

  2. I relate to this post so much. I found myself seriously overwhelmed recently - both with little everyday things and big ones. I set my first goals ever last month. Lists and goals, both for everyday and longer term totally make dady to day life easier. Ps sewing your own undies, how cool!

    1. It's hard isn't it ..trying to see where you can improve but getting there is freeing!


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