15 June, 2016

Planning a week in craft...

I'm trying to set some tentative goals, so I can make and be happy instead of just looking of piles of things to be done.

~ I'd like to finish at least one of my bgb's that I've started, I'm finally putting the outside zips onto them (see above piccie). I used my new toy to cut the binding strips and oh my, binding strips this way are so easy!

~ I desperately need to find a new book to read, if you have any recommendations I'd love to hear them.  The book I just finished, one of the main characters died unexpectedly and it shook me to the core, so much so that I had to make time the next day to sit down & read another chapter to see if everybody was ok but I'm stuck as what to read next, so help me out here!

~ I found a super neat dress pattern called Marie ... (cos you do know that my name is Marie right??), so yes, now I have to make it!

~ I need to finish washing all the new jersey knit fabric that I've bought recently, once it's washed then it's ready to cut and sew for the Marie dress and maybe some undies for Joe

~ It's getting super cold here, so I'm once again thinking about knitting myself a cardigan which would probably take about 6 months for me to finish... I should have thought about it in summer

~ I just found a bundle of precut vintage sheet squares, so I'm thinking of making myself another basket

~ I need to pull my slow-cooker out of the cupboard and dig out my recipe books. Do you have slow cooker (I think it's also called a crockpot)?  I LOVE my slow cooker, I call it jimmyjam cooking as I spend 5 minutes in the morning (whilst still in my pj's) chucking everything into the cooker and then at the end of the day, I just cook some rice and voila, dinner is served!

~ last but not least and most certainly the biggest job of all....I need to potty train Laney.. eek!


  1. Anonymous17 June, 2016

    Save yourself some time and let Laney work out the loo herself ;) I've left all mine to do it when they were ready and it was REALLY REALLY EASY!

  2. Anonymous17 June, 2016

    Oops! I pressed before I finished!!

    A plus (of letting children toilet learn themselves) is that you get more time to craft ;)

    1. ahh but cleaning up the spillages in the meantime...erk!


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