24 July, 2013

Giveaway - a crochet garland

Hey there!  Would you like to win this groovy crochet flower garland that I made just for you (if you win it that is!)?

23 July, 2013

Hooky writing

Everybody loved this bag... did you?  Well, I loved it so much that I have decided to write up the pattern for you, for me & for the girlie next door.  It may take a bit to write it up, I mean, check out my writing....

22 July, 2013

Taa daa!

I finished it, what do you think? 

17 July, 2013

Some rainbow on the click clacks

Ever decided to do something out of your comfort zone?   I know, I know you are about to say LAME!!! ... but I'm knitting a baby thingy in colours that are so not me, rainbow, erkkk.  
Anyways, I like to step outside me occasionally & do something a little different (it's cheaper than a holiday)!
Deets on Rav here.

15 July, 2013

A growing bag

It's growing & I ADORE it!  
Do you??  I so do and I can't wait each night to add another row or two!

10 July, 2013

Flower Power

Wanting a quick cheerful project, I set about making some crochet flowers....

08 July, 2013

In one night...

After a few brain strains with the doily pattern that I am currently working on, I decided one night to have a break from it and sit down, relax & just crochet without thinking.

03 July, 2013


Do you like to test yourself? Do you like to step outside your comfort zone and try something challenging?

01 July, 2013

Taa daa

Remember me telling you last week that I was doing a quickie crochet project? Well it was a quickie & now it's done & even posted.