30 October, 2010

A very important list

Rie's list of things to do before the bub arrives
Deadline.... 11th December.....

- Assemble cot
- Wash all the bub clothes and cot linen
- Organise a change table
- Make a cot quilt
- Finish round crochet blanket for the pram
- Order pram
- Finish small granny square crochet blanket
- Make bibs
- Finish reading Up The Duff
- Start & then finishing reading Baby Love
- Organise my christmas card list early
- Make christmas cards
- Organise the christmas presents early
- Make christmas presents
- Paint & guild coffee table 1
- Glue stamps & finish coffee table 2
- Remember to sign up for postal vote for the upcoming Vic election
- Organise a baby photo book (adding the scans done so far)
- Do tax by end of October
- Make bibs
- Pack bags for hospital
- Find the other list of To Do's & add to the this list!
- Make and hang curtains for the baby's room (aka the craft room, back room, spare room & storage room!)

28 October, 2010

Jelly roll fabric


I'm a little disappointed with the fabric in the jelly roll. But, that's what I get for buying the first roll I found!

26 October, 2010

Stamp soup

Take one stack of stamps.
Add stamps to a bowl of water.
Let sit for a couple of days (because you forgot about them) and then peel stamp apart from the envelope and lay out to dry. Easy!
The stamps are beginning to pile up for the table decoration, I can't wait to start sticking them down!

25 October, 2010

A negative gadget

It was my birthday recently, check out the cool gift that Mr gave me.  It turns the old negatives into digital photos. He bought it for me so I can start to use my old SLR again (I've been missing it!) because all I ever seem to use these days is my little digital camera.
Take an old negative.
Put it into the negative holder.
Insert it into the nifty little machine and voila a digital photo!

23 October, 2010

and the winner is....

Drum roll please......
And the winner is #4 which is Kate from Foxs Lane.
Awesome!  I won't post a picture of what the prize is cos it might ruin the surprise!! But for those who won't be in the know, it will be a 500gm parcel post satchel, stuffed with as much crafty goodies as I can get into it - fabric, beads, bag handles, yarn etc etc etc.

Congratulations Kate, I'll send you an email to find out your postal address.

Thanks to everyone for entering, I hope to do another giveaway soon (before the bub is born & I turn into a zombie mummy!!)

21 October, 2010

My Creative Space

Today I have decided to NOT keep these cute selvedges even though they are cute I have no use for them. I must throw them away, I must, I mean I will but I'll just look at them a little longer before they hit the bin.

Mr is taking me to the beach for a couple of days as my body is really beginning to feel tired from the pregnancy - he's even booked a room with a spa for me to soak my weary bones! Sweet, I can't wait!!!!!

Have you entered my giveaway yet and have you joined in with Kootoyoo's Creative Space?

18 October, 2010

Aussie $ equals US $ = shopping!

I love shopping online, beats standing in queues and walking around shopping centers with crappy tinny music being piped through the crowds. Plus, add the fact that the US & Aus dollar are almost equal now, it means happy shopping for me.
So far, I've visited Isabella Oliver & bought this dress in blue.
I've perused Etsy and gone back to my fav FableBay and bought this & this.

But what else can you recommend? What is a good US online store that I can waste some good Aussie dollars in?

Oh & have you entered my giveaway yet????

16 October, 2010


I think it's time for a giveaway!  
The reason?
Well let's see, I've missed my 1st year blog bday, 
've missed 100th post celebration, I even missed the 150th post celebration, 
so let's just celebrate life instead!

So, what is up for grabs? Well, how about a surprise! 
It will be a mixed bag of crafty goodies! 
I'll chuck as much as I can into a 500gm post parcel for you, it may contain fabric, jewellery findings, beads, bag handles, yarn, fancy paper, stamps etc etc etc.

If I get lots of entries then I'll create more grab bag prizes.

All you have to do is leave a comment for a chance to win.
(remember to leave a way for me to contact you if you win!)

Good luck!
Entries close, Friday 22nd October 2010

10 October, 2010

Cuppa tea time

Yep, it's that time of day already, time for a cup of tea & a slice of cake.
But wait, shall I make it even more tempting for you, how about a slice of home made fruit cake.
Mmm, yummy!

08 October, 2010

Jelly squares

I've finally managed to find a reason to buy a jelly roll - to make a quilt for the cot.
I love the excitement of unrolling the jelly roll..... what will I uncover!
But whilst at the store, I couldn't resist these gorgeous squares that I'll use for the other side of the quilt.
So, now the question is, how big is a cot quilt? I have no idea!

01 October, 2010

I'm shaking & baking.

It's Mr's birthday on Sunday, so I thought I would get off my pregnant butt & bake him a cake.
First I did some sifting....
Then I added a bucket of fruit...
Mixed in some egg & sugar 
Then added another bucket of nuts....
And then baked.
This is what it looked like when I pulled it out of the oven, can't wait to cut it open on Sunday!!!!
Oh and the shaking bit?  Well, for the last 7 months whilst I've been pregnant, I have managed to cook dinner a huge 3 times and baking, well zip zero zilch. So I am shaking in my boots with my first attempt at baking whilst pregnant! I thought I would take the easier option of fruitcake as it won't 'flop' (well hopefully!!).