29 May, 2015

Taa daa

This took me a month to make, the month of May but what is it?

21 May, 2015

Hexing Liberty

So, what does one do when one is up to the eyeballs in projects? hmm... she starts another of course!

13 May, 2015

A trimmings challenge

Well hello there!  Trimmings? I hear you think, yep trimmings of fabric but what should I make with them?

06 May, 2015


Well hello May, didn't you just sneak up on me. Come to think of it, isn't it still March?
I've been trying to finish this blogpost for almost a week now but the weather has been so crappy - dully & grey that I haven't been able to get any photos. Well, stuff it. I've take a photo and edited it PicMonkey, so hopefully it looks ok.. does it?

04 May, 2015

Catching my breath & saying Hi!

Hey there!  Another week has started and with me being a school Mum now, I'm starting to develop a little routine. Tomorrow is my very first 'Mum's help' at school which basically means that I go in & play with the kids! Joe's teacher is ace as she has said that I can take baby Laney along into the classroom with us.  Oh & speaking of baby Laney, she's not such a baby anymore, I mean check out that top piccie and the one below - she's a little girl now!