30 September, 2014

Oh you, crafty bloggers.

Well hello there!
Did you know about the Universal Craft Blog Directory that I have on my blog? Well, it was started back in 2011 and now has....wait for it.... over 900 craft blogs on the directory! 
Wow right!

29 September, 2014

Arne & Carlos

I've started new project with the sole purpose of .... making me happy.

Do this now...

Have you ever made a back-up of your blog?
Save a copy of your blog
It's easy (I promise!), just click here.... for instructions on how to do it.
Remember to then remind your other bloggy friends to do this too as back-ups are just safe guarding against worst case scenarios. 
It's best to have it backed-up & ever used then to wish you'd taken a couple of minutes to make that copy! 

23 September, 2014

I did a little dyeing...

So, I did a little dyeing on the weekend.
..... curious?

22 September, 2014

I am in awe...

I totally have a new yarn crush.  This yarn is part of a cowl knitting kit that I purchased for a car craft project.  ... remember I was b**ching about not having a project ready to go, well I do now!

19 September, 2014

Taa daa (& it only took a couple of days!)

I'm super impressed with myself... I made myself a baby cardigan in a couple of days... Yep, it took me about three days to make & this is cardigan whilst undoing a bit & trying to fit it onto a squirmy baby as well.

16 September, 2014

A quickie project (I hope!)

As a treat to myself I joined a seasonal yarn club, what a great way to celebrate Spring than with new yarn! 

15 September, 2014

09 September, 2014

He loved them!

It was Fathers Day here in Australia over the weekend but what does one give a Dad when the children are too young to make anything fab/decent/useful/not scribbled.

08 September, 2014

It's not supposed to be like that...

This was going to be a "hey, check out my fab yarn & cute crochet dress" blog post but it's not. No, it's a blog post with me hitting my hand to forehead & saying "it's not supposed to be like that".

Oh my, you have to check these out!

So I was looking online for Christmas gifts the other day & I came across these......
Spring Succulent pillow made to order
Oh my, this is a cushion...  how awesome is that! Plus, they have heaps more, check them out!

02 September, 2014

No knit, no fish

Huh? Have I gone bonkers? Knit & fish? Knit fish? What?

01 September, 2014

Taa daaa ... a bag thingy!

Another day, another bag!  I decided to make another bag for the Project Bag Swap as I can't decide which ones (that I made) to keep or swap!