24 July, 2014

Project Bag Swap: an invitation to join

Do you use project bags for your craft projects or WIPS?  I sure do, I use them for my knitting, crocheting, sewing, felting, button collecting, penpal writing etc but I could always do with another bag. I needed or should I say, I wanted to make another project bag when I thought I'd make two but who should I give the other bag too? Hmm, maybe you?  Perhaps you'd like a new project bag too, perhaps you want to make a project bag as well. Hmm.... let's combine the two....  a swap is born, The Project Bag Swap!

The basics:
You make a project bag, you mail it to me and in return you will receive a different project bag back in the post!  Does that sound like a good idea to you?

What kind of bag should I make?
You can make project bags from anything! They could be knitted, crocheted, felted or sewn.  In trying to decided what to make, you may find it easier to think along the lines of "what would I like to receive" or "what would be useful for me" for inspiration, as you are a crafter & you know what you need/want! (right?!!)

How big is a project bag?
Project bags can be any size from a minimum 15cm square to a big 50cm square or even bigger - they can hold all sorts of crafts so really, the project bags are only limited by your imagination.
You can make one (& receive one in return) or make two or three (& receive two or three in return).
It's not required but you may like to pop 'a little something' in the bag/s such as a letter or a pressie for your swap partner.

The details:
~ If you want to swap 1 project bag only then please include (along with the project bag) a 500gm prepaid Australia Post satchel self addressed (your name & address) so that I can pop your return swap project bag straight into it & mail back to you.

~ If you want to swap multiple project bags then please include a prepaid 3kg Australia Post bag -- self addressed of course!

YOU WILL RECEIVE SOMETHING BACK IN THIS PROJECT BAG SWAP, I promise but only if I have received your swap stuff by the deadline and you have included the return self addressed Aus Post satchel & that there is actually at least one project bag included by you for the swap  (obvious I know but I just wanted to state the facts to avoid any confusion!!)

Swap deadline:
All swap parcels need to be posted to me by the 31st August - that gives you over a month of project bag making & plenty of chance to mail it.

Due to postage this is an Australian Swap only.

Would you like to join the swap? Send me an email (craftyrie@gmail.com) using The Project Bag Swap as the subject line in the email. I will then email you the postal address and any other details that you need to know.

Remember that you will need to post the swap parcels by the 31st August 2014 (& to include a self-addressed prepaid postage satchel).

Happy project bag making!  I will pop another blog post up later with some ideas for some project bags but pop your thinking cap on & start your planning via this pinterest board!

To share your project bag making ideas, progress & receipt of goodies, use this hashtag #theprojectbagswap
Please feel free to use the above logo to help promote the swap as the more people involved the bigger variety of project bags there will be!


  1. Oh stink! I would love to join in this swap but Im in NZ! I have on my list of things to do .. make some project bags!!

  2. Perhaps you'd like to run a NZ based swap. If only postage wasn't so expensive, it would have been fun to include NZ as well.


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