28 November, 2009

Love Thy Postie

Ahh, yes a parcel arrived in the post today with a suprise just for me!

Yes, I received a PIF - paid in full by Kylie of 3 Sheets.

A beautiful brooch.....

Check out the detail.....

Thanks Kylie - I love it!

26 November, 2009

Crochet Necklace Competition/Giveaway especially for the festive season!

This crocheted necklace is up for grabs...... I made this myself, just for you!  
The flower sits to the side of the neck - it will look great with a white collared shirt!

All you have to do to enter, is be a follower of my blog ... you can be a newbie follower or an old follower and post a comment below stating such!
Also, if you are a follower, for an extra chance at winning, post another comment stating that you have blogged about this comp on your blog!
Competition closes on the 6th December...   Worldwide entries are invited - I'll post it anywhere!

For more excellant giveaways try these blogs: Sew Mama Sew blog  and Meet Me At Mikes blog

20 November, 2009

I want to go back.....

This is where I was not so long ago....
I was enjoying the sun, overlooking the golf course with a good book and a crochet project on the go.
My book? War and Peace - it's a slow work in progress! No golf.... just relaxing, watching the green.

15 November, 2009

And the winners are......

Drum roll please.....
The winners of the my competition are:

First prize - hand-felted necklace

Secondary prize - crochet flower & pocket notebook
Melanie of M*

Remember to email your contact details to me - so you will receive your prizes!

Stay tuned for another competition coming soon!

03 November, 2009

No idle fingers here...

So this is what I have been doing - What have you been up to?

So this was a twine basket.... until the hook broke.
Project temporarily put on hold!

This is another crocheted bag - this is what it looks like on the inside.

And this is what it the base looks like sewn up - just awaiting the top section now!

And here it is, all finished! 
So, have you entered the giveaway yet?  I know, I know, the blog that it was posted on - was a little long-winded - but skip to the bottom of that and you will find a cool felted necklace to win!  There is a good chance of you winning something cos I will also giveaway a little something extra to 2-3 other people....I was thinking something along the lines of crocheted flowers or a hand made notelet.  Click here to enter....

01 November, 2009


Have you entered the competition yet to win a felted necklace?

Click here to enter.......
Entries close 9th November 2009.