31 December, 2009

Summer stalling

I started to another crochet project and this is as far as I got, about 5 rows in......

And this is why I keep stopping.....

100% Acrylic & hot summer weather does not mix!

28 December, 2009

The three rings of recycling...

I've been collecting these....

23 December, 2009

Speccy Christmas

Ahh, another Christmas is here.

May your Christmas be less hassle (but brighter) than my Xmas Lights!
Merry Christmas, Rie.

18 December, 2009

Cut & Paste Christmas

Christmas made simple.
Cut out xmas tree shapes, paste onto blank cards and Voila.....
Christmas cards made easy for friends & family!
Do you make your Christmas Cards?

16 December, 2009

Cotton'd up

Ever been to the store to buy this.....

and then came away with this........


11 December, 2009

And a very Crafty Christmas to you...

That time of year is upon us all, where we all dig into our corner hidey-holes and pull out that box, that very special box marked Christmas. I will openly admit, I favour the hand-made decorations over the shop bought ones, with 90% of my decorations being hand-made either by me or gifted to me via my brilliant mother.

Below are my favourite decorations, turning my plain corner into festive chaos.
From this....
To this......
Starting with baubles... this first one is just a styrofoam ball, covered in pva glue and dipped in glitter.  It reminds me of a disco ball!
The next few bauble were a gift from my mum, first she felted the balls then she beaded them.
Also made by mum is this floating angel and a red/white dangle.
Some more made by me...
A small wreath for the tree..
Wire stars, both large, mall  and beaded.

Then I went a little crazy with the felt and made some hanging decorations.... BTW it's not a moose, it's supposed to be a reindeer.
And yes, I was guilty of buying those cheap foam kits and making a Santa and a Reindeer.... (I love Santa's eyes!)
And then of course, what's Christmas without the Santa's stockings.
The first is a little red one, it's normally for the pets - first being used for Grif the Budgie and then Scooter Rabbit inherited it, but alas, this year it shall remain empty.
And then my stocking and Mr's stocking... and because we are always good (!!!) they get filled every year!
The tree topper is my sweet angel....

There were many, many more to show you.... but by the time you would get through seeing them all, I fear it may have been the new year!
Why don't you join in and tell us your christmas creativity, I'd really love to read about them!

09 December, 2009

Stash found...

Ok, I admit it, I have corners in my home that I don't often venture into. In fact, I only found this because, well,  because I kinda fell into the corner.... long story but there was a spider involved!.
Anyway, upon pulling myself out of the corner, I found a white paper bag and in the bag I found....

Another stash of yarn - this time it's just boring acrylic waiting to be made into a crochet bag.

07 December, 2009

And the winner is.....

And sadly, the competition closes for this fab necklace, thanks to all those that entered.

To select a winner, I asked Mr to randomly select a number between 1 and 71....... Mr chose 32!
Congratulations to: Emilie who is lucky commenter 32!

Emilie, can you please email your contact details to me, so I can post the prize out to you!

Thanks to everyone for entering, it was great to read all the comments.

05 December, 2009

Page turner... or not!

Sometimes life throws obstacles in your way.....
And sometimes they are just too cute to get annoyed at!

I found this photo of myself with Scooter Rabbit, the photo is a few years old but still, it's one of my favourite photos! 
Scooter was our pet rabbit, he lived indoors, was toilet trained and answered to his name (but only if there was something good in it for him). Unfortunately, he died 11.30pm Christmas Eve 2008 - it's nearly been a year without him, yet I still find myself talking to him as if here was still here - sitting in front of the tv!

02 December, 2009

Tea & String....

So, what happens if you take one ball of string, one crochet hook and left-over teabags?