30 March, 2016

Dress Challenge

 Ahh, a challenge!  Sew a dress in a new fabric line in a few days (that includes ordering the fabric) --- DONE!

29 March, 2016

A birthday bag

 So what do you make someone who can make everything?

28 March, 2016

Tote supplies.

I thought I'd bombard you with yet more piccies of the tote bag I made AND provide the details of where I got some of the supplies from because I just know you want to make the bag too!

21 March, 2016

Ta daa: a Relic baby knit

 Another friend pregnant of course means a good excuse for a baby knit!

18 March, 2016

Less choc more play at Easter

Not wanting to set the example of over-indulging at Easter, I like to make something for the kiddies to play with to take their mind off chocolate.

16 March, 2016

I had me an idea.

So I've been thinking about what I make, what I can sew and who I can make things for.  The list of things I can make is never-ending. The list of what I can sew, well, it's currently limited but I'm learning. The list of who I can make things for is short.
...then as I lay in bed one night (not sleeping), I had me an idea.
I'm going to make my Mum a quilt.

14 March, 2016

Ta daa: a soft squishy baby knit

Another knit but for a different baby!  I decided to dye the yarn myself and use this to see if the colourway was a 'go' ...and yes, I think it is - do you like the yarn?

09 March, 2016

Tinker Tote

Here I am, sitting here staring at this bag. It is awesome and I made it!  Yes, a super proud Ta daa blog post from me!

07 March, 2016

Ta daa... oops, here's my Doodler!

I'm totally guilty of finishing a project then tossing it aside before photographing. Totally guilty.

01 March, 2016

Marching into Autumn.

..and just like that it's Autumn and March, three months into the New Year already? Geesh!