28 December, 2013

A trivet!

A last minute gift idea was to make a teapot trivet. I LOVE it!, It came out bright & happy & was so easy to make!

13 December, 2013

On the go: a girlie dress

I had a bright idea to knit baby Laney a dress, the only problem is that the pattern comes in one size 0-3months & she just turned 3 months old this week! Luckily, she is small for her size (currently in 0000) & I actually chose a size larger knitting needles so hopefully all will be ok.

08 December, 2013

A thankyou mandela

Back in June I won a baby quilt, I was totally blown away with it & felt guilty that my emailed thankyou just wasn't enough.  After my baby was born, one night as I watched her sleep tucked up in that quilt I just new I had to make the quilter a proper present to express my gratitude.

04 December, 2013

Eeks, I need your help!

add a cherry pink
I started a project, a crocheted cardigan for my baby girl - I was a good girl,  read the pattern, found the yarn, hooks and started the pattern.
Until, I discovered, I read the pattern wrong. Well not the pattern, I guess you'd say I read the ingredients wrong!

03 December, 2013

Free Pattern: Easy Peasy Crochet Balls or Baubles

These crochet balls/baubles are a quick easy project & once you have made the first one, you will be able to whip them up easily within 30 minutes. The hardest part is holding the stuffing down whilst you work the last row!

02 December, 2013

Woolly love

I really want to show you some woolly love right now.
Check out my latest purchases and yes, before you ask, they have all been 'allocated' a project! (well, almost all!)