02 December, 2013

Woolly love

I really want to show you some woolly love right now.
Check out my latest purchases and yes, before you ask, they have all been 'allocated' a project! (well, almost all!)

Zauberball love - this will be an ultra cool cowl/scarf for me.
Some specially dyed yarn for two shawls for me! Yep, I've decided that I need to make myself some stuff and I decided to step out of my usual greys & blacks & add something new to my wardrobe!
Then there is this pompom yarn!  I don't know why I bought it or what I'll do with it but hey, how could I resist such cuteness!

Where do you buy your yarn from? Do you have a favourite online store (if so, please share the site in the comments).  I wanted to support my local yarn store, so I packed up my baby in her pram & wrangled my toddler into town on a cold & rainy Monday. We trudged along to the store only to find that they aren't open on Mondays!  Are you freaking kidding me!  I mean, why go to the effort of having an actual store in the heart of town to turn away your customers on Mondays?  So in protest, I dragged my baby & toddler back home, tucked them up for the naps, sat down with a hot cup of tea & spent $170 at a couple of online yarn stores instead!


  1. I do buy some from Craftsy! You colors are wonderfuk!

  2. Your yarns are gorgeous! :)

    As I live in the UK, I tend to save up, then buy in bulk from the USA, as I love the Worcester weight yarns - I tend to buy from Red Heart, which is my all-time favourite, and occasionally at Lion Brand, but I got an email from Yarnspirations the other day, with a sale on some Caron yarn, which I'd been told by a friend was great :)

    I managed to get 21 x 1lb skeins for $93, including shipping, tax and duties!

    I would have had to pay twice that much, at least, if I'd shopped locally - that's if I could have found any Worcester weight yarn, of course!

    I'm a happy bunny now :)

    But I am envious of your pompom yarn - even if I can't think what I'd use it for! Lol


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