27 November, 2013

A couple of hats

Even though it's nearly summer down here (at the near bottom of the world), I've been whipping up some hats for baby Laney, or should I say Baby Sister or Oni, that's what bubba Joe calls Laney (he can't say L so Laney sounds like Oni when he says her name!).

The top hat is my favourite, I made it up as I went along and I think it looks ultra cute.
This hat is a little weird, I made it from a ball of wool that I found hidden in the bottom of the cupboard - I actually hand dyed the fleece & spun it up myself when I was in school, sothis wool is about 20 years old!  I only had 55 grams of it so I thought I would use it all up!

It may look, umm, boganish (!!) but it sure does keep lil Laney warm!

Do you have a favourite hat or pattern?  I LOVE hats but don't often get to wear them now as I don't walk to work anymore - sigh, one of the pitfalls of being a stay-at-home-mum is that I don't get to 'leave' and I don't get that 'me' time on the journey to & from work!