30 August, 2009

Spring cleaning - rings

This weekend I started the massive step of spring cleaning.
The first room I started in was the kitchen, I found a paperbag and it is was...

....a stack of rings from plastic containers....
Odd I know, but I was going to use them to make something with, just can't quite remember what though!

Do you have any ideas of what I can use them for? 
I think perhaps I was going to try to crochet around them and then loop them into some sort of chain??

26 August, 2009

Paid In Full

A couple of months ago, I joined the Pay It Forward movement... well, consider it Paid In Full.
People recieved a mish-mosh of some of my favourite things, I hope they liked them.There were a variety of things, everybody receiving something different. There were crochet flowers, necklaces, earrings, bangles, notebooklet and printed cards too.Did you get your PIF? Did you like it?

22 August, 2009

My Moo!

I finally received my Moo cards in the post - they only took 6 days to get to me, it just took me ages to order them!
I love them!
I can't decide a favourite. They are a mix of my 2 favourite things - flowers & crafts...
They are bright and dark, almost delicious enough to eat!They came out so well, it's hard to believe that they're mine....all mine.......

21 August, 2009

Been printing

I recently spent a happy couple of hours taking over the lounge room printing cards.The only problem with printing in the lounge room, is that there is limited space to let them dry. That's where the couch comes in handy, it makes a good drying rack!And that is why I don't encourage visitors! It's not that I'm anti-social, it's just that I don't normally have any room for them!

12 August, 2009

Technology Withdrawal Symptoms

I'm suffering withdrawal symptoms of not having technology readily available to me.

Our laptop has crashed, it has been nearly a week without it and I am missing it terribly. I am missing it too much, I think I may be addicted to it.

My name is Rie and I am addicted to my laptop.