29 July, 2011

You may find this helpul - online fabric stores

I've been searching online to find some nice Xmas fabric so I can make a start on Bubba Joe's very first Xmas Stocking.  BUT.... it's taken me all day & I'm still looking!
So, I thought I'd help us all out and list some of the groovy looking online fabric stores that I have come across!

Firstly there are: 
FunkyFabrix - I have purchased stuff from here before & they were super quick with the order!
Saffron Craig - have purchased fabric & their dog softie panels (so cute!)

Other online stores that I have found...
SewingBox - an easy to use online store with clear categories to search through
Kelani Fabric - this site had me browsing for fabrics that I didn't need but oh so desired!!!
Duck Cloth - nice site but you probably need to know the collection/designer to shop this easily
Retro Age Vintage Fabrics - cool looking site with vintage fabrics - some really nice patterned material! (I'm coming back to this site to browse in more detail!)
Calico & Ivy - very nice site to browse, they stock more items that just fabric - they also have great craft books & kits too.
Tessuti Fabric - nice site with fancy dress fabric shown in great photos so you get the full effect of the fabric.
Spoonflower - you can either design your own fabric or you can buy someone elses designs - there are some brilliant designs here!
Sew Mama Sew - this site not only has a great shop but great blog & great tips too!
XSFabrix - selling remnant designer fabrics.. there are big pieces & small pieces & some really yummy pieces!

And of course there is Etsy, just search under supplies & fabric & there are heaps & heaps of stores to choose from!

Have I missed any online fabrics stores?  AND, can you recommend anywhere that sells small bundles of xmas fabric?

28 July, 2011


Is there anything more fun, more exciting than going thru a remnant bin?!
I purchased 1m of this Mexican Tapestry Cloth for just $2, 
normally it's $16.95 a metre. 

I think there should a shop that just sells remnants!
Have you joined in with Our Creative Spaces?
AND did you enter my Giveaway, entries close on the 31st July!

25 July, 2011

Adding the sleeves

I'm taking the easy approach to the sleeves. 
I've joined the front panels to the back and will crochet directly onto the garment
and then sew the sleeves together.
Well that is in theory anyway, I'll let you know how it works out!

21 July, 2011

Our Creative Spaces .... and a Giveaway

After a month of saying.. "I can't remember where I'm supposed to increase" and weeks of increasing in the wrong spots (ugh!)... I finally purchased some stitch markers.
So........ does anyone know what the colours stand for?
Maybe there is a universal standard for the colours??

I'm currently using black to increase but maybe it's supposed to be the green or red or maybe blue??
What's happening in your creative space?   and have you entered my giveaway yet??

14 July, 2011

De-Stash Giveaway

A little spring cleaning (in the middle of winter) has found me with lots of craft stuff that I'm never going to use and it needs to go to a good home.......   so I'm giving it away!!!

There are lots of goodies to win like yarn, embroidery stuff, handmade paper, fabric, card stock, buttons, scrapbook decals, pretty pins, kits, fancy elastic, knitting stuff etc etc (more stuff than what is shown)... and it will all go to one lucky person! 

So, how to enter?   Simple....
 - You must be a follower of my blog - just add a comment below to state that you are.
ou can be a new follower (by clicking the  blue JOIN THIS SITE button on the top right hand corner) or you can be an old follower (hey there!) .  The giveaway is open for all followers no matter where you live in this gorgeous world of ours!

 - For an extra chance to win (and a fun thing), have a De-Stash Giveaway on your blog  and add a link to your De-Stash Giveaway in another comment below. That way we can pop on over to your website & enter & have a peek around your blog.  It can be a big De-Stash or a small De-Stash, it's up to you!  

I'll leave this giveaway open for an extra week, so it will give you a chance to organise your De-Stash & link back.

I'll reply to initial comments to remind the entrants to pop back & check out the rest of the comments to enter the other De-Stash giveaways!

Entries close 31st July 2011
And the lucky winner will be drawn on the 1st August 2011

Good luck!

12 July, 2011

The back...

Here's a sneek peek of the back that I have crocheted for bubba Joe's dressing gown.

It has a hint of the blue that makes up the front panels.  

09 July, 2011

Sick of making square grannies?

It's easy to make a rectangular granny, the secret is in the second row!
I am, of course, assuming that you already know how to make grannies....
And I'm also assuming that you can kinda see what I'm talking about.... (!)
On the second row....

You add an extra 3 trebles in the middle of the middle cluster (rather than just the corners).
Of course, only doing this on 2 opposite sides and voila, a rectangle.
And then just make it as big as you want (without having to increase again!).
                                                       does this make sense??

07 July, 2011


Ever buy something that wasn't what you thought it was.
Something so simple, so routine that you don't even bother to check the packaging.

Well I did, I bought some honey.
BUT, looking at the container, it's not just honey, it's only 35% honey the rest being sugar syrup.
Huh??  What's wrong with plain honey???
So beware of this bear....

He's not a honey bear but a honey & sugar syrup bear!

05 July, 2011

Me & patterns

I can't read a pattern.   
They frustrate me. 

And even if I do manage to read one,  I write all over it and end up writing my own version in my own scribble (that I can never read again!).
So, problem.......  I want to make bubba Joe a dressing gown.  
Solution...........  Find a big fitting cardigan & copy the shape.
It's working so far, I let you know how I go!
BTW... even recipes frustrate me!!

And the buttons were sewn on...

Did you wonder what I was sewing buttons on?

Ta da... Thanks Grandma!!!!

03 July, 2011

Ebay'ed fabric

For .99c I purchased 70cm of fabric... 

BUT was totally ripped off with the postage, charged $4 for something that only cost a business envelope & $1.10 postage.  
First time this has happened tho, I won't let it deter me!!