29 July, 2011

You may find this helpul - online fabric stores

I've been searching online to find some nice Xmas fabric so I can make a start on Bubba Joe's very first Xmas Stocking.  BUT.... it's taken me all day & I'm still looking!
So, I thought I'd help us all out and list some of the groovy looking online fabric stores that I have come across!

Firstly there are: 
FunkyFabrix - I have purchased stuff from here before & they were super quick with the order!
Saffron Craig - have purchased fabric & their dog softie panels (so cute!)

Other online stores that I have found...
SewingBox - an easy to use online store with clear categories to search through
Kelani Fabric - this site had me browsing for fabrics that I didn't need but oh so desired!!!
Duck Cloth - nice site but you probably need to know the collection/designer to shop this easily
Retro Age Vintage Fabrics - cool looking site with vintage fabrics - some really nice patterned material! (I'm coming back to this site to browse in more detail!)
Calico & Ivy - very nice site to browse, they stock more items that just fabric - they also have great craft books & kits too.
Tessuti Fabric - nice site with fancy dress fabric shown in great photos so you get the full effect of the fabric.
Spoonflower - you can either design your own fabric or you can buy someone elses designs - there are some brilliant designs here!
Sew Mama Sew - this site not only has a great shop but great blog & great tips too!
XSFabrix - selling remnant designer fabrics.. there are big pieces & small pieces & some really yummy pieces!

And of course there is Etsy, just search under supplies & fabric & there are heaps & heaps of stores to choose from!

Have I missed any online fabrics stores?  AND, can you recommend anywhere that sells small bundles of xmas fabric?


  1. Thank you for sharing! I'm on the hunt for some curtain fabric, and this will give me some good places to start.

  2. you have to check out REPRODOT and SUPER BUZZY they both have such fab fabrics

  3. Thanks for sharing! I have a hard time finding online fabric shops. It's hard for me to buy fabric online in general b/c I'm very "touchy feely" when it comes to picking it out - so it's good to at least start with some recommendations for when buying from the store is not an option. :)


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