28 May, 2013

Almost giving up....

This is the post where I want to give up knitting, in fact, I am so frustrated and annoyed with myself that I want to give up all craft..  but I won't, I hate giving up, I'd rather suffer through multiple failures until I find something that I can achieve that I am proud of.  Do you ever feel like that?

24 May, 2013

a hooky update

I'm really loving the progress of this new crochet pattern for The Hottie Challenge.
What do you think, do the colours work?  And ugh, can you see all those ends that I'll have to sew in!!

20 May, 2013

A hottie challenge

Ok firstly, before I start on about The Hottie Challenge, let me just tell you that a hottie is a hot water bottle (took me about a month to figure this out!!!)

And with that out of the way, have you signed up for The Hottie Challenge via Curlypops?
I did, this is my first year - the deadline is mid June & there is still time to sign up now - so why don't you? The money raised goes to a worthwhile cause. So go on. Do a hottie with me!

Above is a sneek peak of what I am making for my hottie cover - I chose bold autumn colours & a new crochet pattern .... I hope it turns out like I have pictured it in my head!

17 May, 2013

Eeks, the deadline is near

Oh em Geeeee, the birthday is this weekend - this dress/tunic needs to be finished for it as it is the birthday gift.
Quick, knit knit knit knit.  Stop procrastinating, put down the e-reader Rie & knit!

15 May, 2013

Knitty knit knit knitting

 I've been clickety clacking my knitting needles this week. I working hard on the dress for bubba Joe's "girlfriend" (in his mind she is!).

14 May, 2013

Recipe: Toasted muesli aka Granola

Giving gifts that are handmade - gifts that will be useful or eaten are certainly the way to go.
If you agree, then read on as I have an awesome, tasty gift for you to make & then give!

Here is a quick, last minute gift of Granola to make for someone special. 

07 May, 2013

It just aint right

Nah, there is something wrong with this pattern, it's just not right.  I've done something wrong. After several days of debating this with myself (& sometimes with a two year old boy), I've decided that I read the pattern wrong but HEY, it's not my fault, the pattern doesn't read smoothly!  
You see, one of the problems with getting patterns off Ravelry is that that normally aren't written by professionals and have unclear instructions in them. Where I went wrong in this pattern is that I turned the project & knitted back down as that is what made sense in the way the pattern was written, in fact, if they had taken their time to write DO NOT TURN - that would have saved me heaps of stress & time!

Do you find this too, that sometimes the patterns from Ravelry are always that clear or is that my muddled head?

04 May, 2013

Taa Daa

 Above is the image of the cushion before it was sewn together and stuffed with a cushion insert.
 What do you think of the colours, do they work?
 I like it & bubba Joe loves it, he uses it as a jumping board from the floor to the bean bag!
On Ravelry here.

02 May, 2013

A new little project

I picked up the sticks again today & started a new project.
What pattern am I using? --- it's one I made up!
....I'll let you know how & if it works!