28 May, 2013

Almost giving up....

This is the post where I want to give up knitting, in fact, I am so frustrated and annoyed with myself that I want to give up all craft..  but I won't, I hate giving up, I'd rather suffer through multiple failures until I find something that I can achieve that I am proud of.  Do you ever feel like that?

So, I hear you ask... why did I want to give up?  Well, take a closer look at the photo above, see where it is twisted - I can't untwist it. Nope, I can't, it's knit sideways in once piece - separated & then knit together again to form the neckline but where I joined it again, somehow I twisted it but didn't notice until about 70 rows later (there are lots of short rows that make up the pink triangles).
I've thought about cutting it and then sewing up the it up - but that just won't work. I've thought about throwing it in the bin but I can't because I am knitting it for bubba Joe's "girlfriend" and he loves to watch me knit it.  The only option I have is to undo it....and I. Hate. Undoing. Knitting. 
Gee, I wished you lived closer, then I would invite you over, hand you my knitting to unravel whilst I made you a fancy cup of tea and hand you a slice of super duper homebaked cake. But you don't live closer, so I'm going to have to suck it up & undo it myself like a real grown-up would. (sometimes I hate being a grown-up).      
Oh, and yes, I missed the birthday deadline (that this was for), that was almost two weeks ago...  

But do you know what the most frustrating this is of all.... I actually checked the knitting when I rejoined the piece together. I actually checked to see if I had twisted it when I first joined it, then 3 rows on.   How stooooopid can I be......


  1. Oh my that is certainly frustrating. I hate ripping back as well and have been known to abandon a project if it is required. I would not abandon this one though it is beautiful, what pattern are you using?
    Good luck with your frogging.
    I wish I was closer so I could make you a cuppa and chat whilst you ripped. I'm sure it wouldn't feel anywhere near as awful.


  2. Never give up! You tough - stick it in the freezer until your done being mad! Then stick it in the bed on hubby's side! He he! Did you get your magazine!

  3. Oh my goodness!!! That is true pain. I've been trying to master the magic loop method and have been unravelling, knitting, unravelling... heartbreaking stuff but so good when it is finished.
    Good luck. Chocolate is certainly needed for this unravel - no doubt about it.
    (Damn that baby brain! When are you due???)

  4. Dear, Dear Rie
    I am sorry that my pattern caused you sooooo much trouble. I can see where you twisted it as you joined it for the neck. But it really is beautiful, finished and I am glad you persevered to the end!! As way of compensation, I would love to offer you a free pattern or two (that is, if you ever want to knit anything of mine again!)

    Have a look here http://www.ravelry.com/designers/jane-terzza
    and let me know.
    Jane xx
    PS If you lived nearer, I would have brought wine and given you a hand!!


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