25 September, 2012


Some more happiness in the post ....
but me-thinks my hubby is starting to realise how much yarn I'm buying as he questioned me about the large $ of the creditcard bill last month.... oops.

Yarn-aholics anon ... anyone care to join with me?  (is there such a thing?)

24 September, 2012

It's coming along nicely!

Check this out, I'm so impressed with myself, the pattern & the yarn. Actually, I'm super impressed with the yarn!
Fingers crossed now, I'm hoping to actually finish this!!
I've added all the details onto Ravelry here for you.

21 September, 2012

4 Things

Thing 1
Firstly, I'd like to thank you for all your advice regarding the cowl that I made.  I don't know why I made a cowl, I prefer scarves but I think I will end up undoing it and make myself a scarf. Also, the yarn isn't that fab either - it is hard and over-spun. Yes,  the Noro Taiyo is overspun. Who would have thought that paying $20+ dollars for a ball of yarn would give you an overspun yarn, I certainly wouldn't have. In fact, if I wanted over-spun yarn then I would have dragged out my spinning wheel & spun it myself.

Thing 2

19 September, 2012

When all else fails...

It's happened.
I've lost my Crochet Mojo.
I don't know where it's gone or how long it's been gone for.

I've tried starting different crochet projects but they all just end up with me swearing & undoing them.
So I've started knitting again.

17 September, 2012

Techno Crochet

Incorporate the latest technology into your craft.   

14 September, 2012

Crochet mojo

When you loose your Crochet Mojo, you try & try & try again.
The soles to the booties are supposed to be the same size, but no... my crochet mojo has gone and that means I have to undo & crochet again.

11 September, 2012


Eek, it' September already - what happened to January, February, Easter???? Are you asking yourself this? I am!  So to celebrate and to welcome in Spring here in my own backyard, I thought I'd celebrate with a giveaway!
Up for grabs are these 2 cute cross-stitch print fat quarters - cute huh!

10 September, 2012

I need your help.... please!

I need your advice - pretty please with cherries on top!
You see, I've made this cowl and well, I'm not happy with it. I thought it would sit nicely, softy over my chest but ugh, it doesn't - the yarn/crochet is too stiff, it's not long enough to wrap around my neck twice & I quite frankly feel like a duffus (as the photo shows!).

05 September, 2012

In the post...

Lookie!  Check what I received in the post the other day, a lovely parcel of delicious yarn!

I won a gift voucher for Yarn Glorious Yarn via Sarah London's beaut blog and this is what I chose!
I'm so happy with myself right now!!!  ;)
What would have you chosen?  I tried to choose yarn that I wouldn't normally purchase - I can't really justify spending $20+ on a ball of wool especially when I'm currently a SAHM!

03 September, 2012

Oppy finds

I popped into town today to pick up a couple of things and had 15 minutes to spare before I caught the bus back home again so I spent those precious minutes in the op shop near the bus stop!
I picked up this newly knitted, never worn hand-knitted jumper for bubba, it was only $3.99 - way cheaper than buying the cheapest sweater in the discount department store!