28 September, 2018

Sunshiney Olivia Top

It's just turned spring here in Australia, so I decided to get the feel for new season by making Laney a sunshiney top!

26 September, 2018

It's a Hors-icorn!

What do you get when you sew a horse but your little girl loves unicorns? You turn it into a unicorn whilst sewing! Meet the Hors-icorn! 

24 September, 2018

Round The World Bag

I stumbled across this bag when the designer was seeking pattern testers. I signed up straight away because I thought it was so cute and it was 'different' to a lot of the bag patterns that we see nowadays. 

21 September, 2018

Quick Easy Pouch

I whipped up a small pouch for a birthday gift recently.
I hunted around for some nice fabrics, cut, sewed, trimmed, zippered and French seamed.
I think this small pouch is cute, perfect for popping into a handbag and it's definitely one-of-a-kind!

19 September, 2018

Gift making: Trivet

Don't be too shocked when I tell you that I've just crossed the first present off my  "Christmas Present Must Make" list!

17 September, 2018

I made a Hobby Horse!

I made this hobby horse and yes, it was easy and yes, my kids love it!

10 September, 2018

Butterfly wings

Four days from her fifth birthday, Laney asks "Pweeze Mumma, can I have butterfly wings for my birthday. I want to fly like a butterfly." How can I refuse such a cute request!