27 June, 2013

A quick hooky...

On my hook is a quick project and by quick I mean it will probably take me two days & that is only a few hours each day. Well, that is the plan anyway but remember that I am pregnant (in my 3rd trimester now) and I'm potty training a 2.5yo boy!  Good luck to me!!!

25 June, 2013

Taa daa

I finally (finally!!!) finished the tunic dress that I was knitting for bubba Joe's girliefriend Zoey.  
I had to undo it heaps, reknit, undo, reknit - ugh!  This dress was an extreme test of my patience but I think it was worth it in the end, what do you think?

24 June, 2013

Best mail ever!

Look at what I received in the post the other day (oops I mean the other week!) - a hand-sewn quilt. How cute is it!

18 June, 2013

Taa daa for my hottie!

Yay for me, that's what I'm feeling today! Yep, I am feeling very proud of myself! 
I finished my hottie for the #hottiechallenge2013.  

17 June, 2013

Some hooky flowers

I hooked up a few quick flowers on the weekend to finish off a project.
Do you like them, aren't they cute!
I am feeling the need to make more but have no real reason too ... but then I thought of you, my followers, perhaps I could make a pile more & join them into a garland as a giveaway - what do you think, would you like to win a pretty floral crochet garland for your wall or window?