28 March, 2014

Giveaway: Sticky9 magnets (using your Instagram photos)

Hi there!  Do you LOVE Instagram?  If you do, like I do, then you'll be wanting a chance to print some of your fantastic images  - well here is that chance!
Just enter below for your chance to win 1 pack of magnets to print your Instagram photos from Stickygram!  Cool huh!

24 March, 2014

Finding time to craft

How do you fit craft time into your day?

When the moon is still in the sky and the day not yet awoken by the sun I rise.   I tip toe through the house, pop the heater & the lamp on, make myself a strong cup of tea and sit down to knit.
A few years ago I would never even contemplated rising at 5am to do anything especially knit but here I find myself each morning, curled up on the couch in a house of silence knitting. 

17 March, 2014

I changed my mind (again)

So it was take three with the yarn choices for the Moana dress. I can't believe I changed my mind again! I just wish I could get this started, like it and then quickly finish it and move onto something else!    
Do you ever do that, you know, get enthused about something only to find that your ideals just aren't cutting it?!

14 March, 2014

erckin gherkin

Erk is how I describe this green! I grabbed the ball of yarn to make the little dress for my baby girl but no, it's ucky...well, ucky for this project anyway.

10 March, 2014

..just can't help myself!

I'm such a sucker for projects. Such a sucker for wanting to start things but when do I get to finish them?

06 March, 2014

Squares not Ovals!!

Looky,  I've finally managed square corners!  I am SO totally impressed with myself, I have learnt how to do M1R & M1L because I never knew that they existed & only knew how to M1... in case you're not a knitter, M1 means make one - increasing to add another stitch & M1R means to make one to the right & M1L means to make one to the left.
I have also sorted out the centre, during the 'great un-do' and have managed to make it smother in the process (by accident), see below - looks neater right?

03 March, 2014

On & Off the couch

I've been knitting the Raceway Wrap & trying to love the pinky colours that I chose... why did I choose pink??