03 March, 2014

On & Off the couch

I've been knitting the Raceway Wrap & trying to love the pinky colours that I chose... why did I choose pink??

 I've been trying to keep my 'a square a day' up to date but failing miserably.... I guess if I've got 365 squares at the end of the year, that is all that matters!
 I've been getting a little 'yarn overload' so I've picked up the hexies & sewn a couple.
I've also treated myself to a new book - I LOVE my slow cooker (like a crockpot) but sometimes I get bored with casseroles, I borrowed this book from the library and loved it so much that I purchased it (from here) - it shows you how to basically cook everything in the slow cooker and boy, are they sure tasty, seriously - the meatloaf was divine!
Do you have a slow cooker/crock pot? I love to use it, the food is super tasty & it takes 5 minutes in the morning then another 5 minutes at dinner time & whammo, a delicious meal is ready!

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  1. I often turn to the hexies for a yarny break too :)


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