28 September, 2010

List of Annoyances..

These things annoy me....

- Buying a new ball of wool only to find that they have joined it with a knot in the middle of ball.
- Signing up to a blog swap, following through on your side but receiving nothing in return from your swap partner.
- People cutting in front of you in a line (especially when you've been patiently standing there for a few minutes).
- (Accidently) finding out that you have won a competition but never receiving your prize.
- Colleagues not changing the water bottle at work.... it's not my job!!
- Breaking 1 fingernail when you've just managed to get all 10 the same length.
- Misplacing the key to window winder, I know I didn't need it in the winter, but I sure need it now that it is spring.
- Realising that you never banked your tax return cheque (a year later).
- Finally remembering a great recipe to use the beetroot for & realising that the beetroot has been sitting in the fridge for over 2 months. (oops).
- My neighbour playing (& singing) very loud Michael Jackson music 11pm at night.
- Getting stuck in the rain at lunch when you just decided to pop down the road for a sandwich.
- Realising the clock I have been staring at all day at work is 1/2 hour slow.........

What annoys you?

16 September, 2010

My Creative Space

So, I'm in my thirties and still manage to get more paint on myself 
than on the actual article that I am painting! 
Will I ever grow up?!?

Have you joined in My Creative Space yet?

13 September, 2010

Tutorial.... How to make a glue-string bowl

Do you like this dinky string bowl?
Wanna make one too?
Here's how, it's easy!
You will need: a mould (vase or bowl), pva glue, tray to pour glue into, string, scissors, plastic kitchen wrap, plastic bag, gloves.
Firstly cover the mould with the plastic wrap (as you don't want the string to actually stick to the mould!).

Cut the plastic bag in half & layout on the surface - to protect your surface from the odd glue spots!
Cut a length of string, approx 30cm & dip the first 2-3cm into the glue & ensure that string is thoroughly covered with glue.
Start to twirl the glue onto the base of the mould, take your time, there's no rush!
Once the first couple of rows are twirled onto the mould, you can then start to easily wind the string around, covering with glue and firming against the previous row as you go.
Once you hit the edge &start to build the wall of the bowl, it starts to get a little easier.
Smear glue around the string edge and wind plain string (no glue needed yet) around &around the bowl until you get the size you require.
Then squirt on some glue & rub onto the string, pushing the string tight against the earlier rows, smoothing if needed.
Set aside to dry.
Once dry, slowly remove the mould then peel back the plastic wrap, neaten up the excess dried glue with scissors if necessary!
And voila!
Oh, and the reason for the plastic covering your workspace? It doesn't matter how careful you are - there are always a few glue drops that escape your attention!

Skill level:
Let me know if you make one, I'd love to see it!

09 September, 2010

My Creative Space

I wish my life was this organised.
But my life isn't organised, I wish it was. I even make lists but then I end up with piles of lists.
I wish I could just do one thing at once and not start a new project until the last one was finished.
Sitting here writing this, I am staring at:
- a table waiting to be sanded, whitewashed, then decorated with crazy quotes then varnished,
- another table waiting to decorated with used stamps then glossed,
- my tax return that needs to be lodged before October,
- a crocheted bag that's only a quarter of the way completed,
- birthday presents that need to be posted,
- small granny square blanket for my bub in the belly,
- the round crochet blanket for the bub in my belly,
- a dress that is scrunched up waiting to be repaired,
- a pile of yarn that I started to wind into balls but then lost interest,
- a credit card bill that needs to be paid,
- a crazy quilt that has been slowly growing over the past 10 years,
- a stack of crocheted flowers that were supposed to be started for a gift but weren't,
- 3 novels waiting to be read,
- socks that are waiting to be darned,
- a canvas with just the background painted on it,
- a letter started to a someone with Dear Godfrey all that it has written on it so far,
- the daisy shawl that I haven't touched in ages,
- a pile of fabric yo-yo's waiting to be sewn together,
- a square of lino waiting to be carved for Xmas cards,
- Preggy Bellies dvd waiting to be watched & exercised too!

Yes, I am the queen of the started and put aside!

So, what have you been up too? Have you joined in with My Creative Space?

07 September, 2010

Granny memory for a Granny!

I picked up this blanket to add to it on the weekend, but UGH, I'd forgotten how I had done it!
So after about 10minutes of trying to find the start of each round and then figuring out how to join them to others, I have decided to make myself a quick image/instructions on how to do them... for any future 'granny' moments!
So, I hope that helps future me!

06 September, 2010

Mini teddy bears

Also gifted another book, this one is for someone who loves all things miniature,
me, I just loved the little ducks!

02 September, 2010

My Creative Space

The blanket is growing (slowly) and my belly is growing (big!!!).
I've been crocheting the ends in as I go, the only end sticking out is from the very first row.
Do you crochet in as you go or do you leave them until you finish then sew them in?
Are you joining in with Kootoyoo's My Creative Space?