16 September, 2010

My Creative Space

So, I'm in my thirties and still manage to get more paint on myself 
than on the actual article that I am painting! 
Will I ever grow up?!?

Have you joined in My Creative Space yet?


  1. I think I would be doing the exact same haha..great shot!

  2. Ha Ha! I think you either do or you don't - nothing to do with age! I most certainly do - get messy with everything I do! I like to think it's because we're focussing on our creativity completely - not on ourselves!!

    Have fun!

  3. That's all part of the fun of it : ) I do the same... although I get rather frustrated when it ends up back on a print where it should be!

  4. No, don't do it! Don't grow up.

  5. ha i know the feeling.. try wearing gloves:-)

  6. There's no point in growing up that's just plain boring.


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