30 January, 2012


I need your vote.. please, pretty please!   
If you have Facebook, then pretty please with cherries on top, could you vote for the photo of my son, Joe???
It'd be great if you did, but ok if you don't!
If we win, we would get a $100 voucher to buy some more cloth nappies!
Anyways, to vote, you just click on the photo or this link and hit the LIKE button.

Thanks so much!!
Hugs, Rie.

24 January, 2012


Mum gave me a bundle of knitting needles to share with my knitting group...

LOVE the retro colours!

21 January, 2012


I make scones a lot, I use the same recipe over & over & over.  Then I found a recipe for scones using lemonade & cream. Mmm, I thought, sounds yummy.

So I made them and yes, they were yummy but too indulgent I think. I mean cream on the inside & then I'm going to put cream on the when cooked... too fancy for me.
BUT, I did start thinking, instead of using just plain lemonade, what would happen if you used Raspberry lemonade instead? Do you think they'd turn pink?  And then if we used Lime lemonade, would they turn green?  
Hmm, I wonder.
Have you ever made lemonade scones? Have you ever used pink or green lemonade in them?

20 January, 2012

Sedy Mutar

I'm whipping up some Seedy Mustard... mmm, mustard!

First you mix the seeds...
Then you add the vinegar..
Then you take another photo cos it looks so pretty!
Then you take some and whizz it up..
Then you add some liquid..
Then you add some whole seeds back to it..
Then you bottle it up, using the old baby food jars!..
And make them pretty and of course .. eat!

19 January, 2012

The A to Z belongs to me

I purchased the Alphabet. 

So sorry, but it's all mine now, you can't use it anymore.

Sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause.

18 January, 2012

Ebay'd fabric

Check out my new stash of fabric remnants that I bought... 


But umm, problem. 
Too yummy to use!!

12 January, 2012

Some changes

Ok, new year, new start right?
Well, let's hope that the new start continues for more than one week!

In an effort to motivate myself, I've added some lists to my blog.
I've added them to my home page, under the heading there are some new fancy schmancy tabs.

I've added a list of books to read, a list of crafts to complete, a list of recipes to make.....
When I say added, what I actually mean is that I've added the start of the lists. You see, I'm still unpacking and I'm a major procrastinator and haven't even unpacked one box yet. So when I get around to unpacking boxes, I'll add to these lists!

I've also added a guide for tutorials that I have come across on the web, I'm going to keep adding to this list as I hate it when I think... "Oooh, cool I'm make that" and then I can never remember where I saw the link... This will solve that dilemma (hopefully) as I'll add the tutorials to that page!

I've also added a guide to some online shops too, as the same thing happens, I think Oooh, I'll buy that when I've got a spare $20 but can never remember where I saw it!

Please feel free to comment on these pages, to add suggestions for books to read or tutorials to make or even some great new online stores.

I know it seems a bit weird adding a couple of near empty lists onto my blog but if I don't make a start, I'll never start!!

I'm starting with adding some book reviews. I have these books sitting beside my chair, so it's a great way to start my book list.  I love books, I really do and now that Bubba is sleeping one nap in the middle of the day, I find myself reading not unpacking!  By reviewing the books, it will motivate me to think more, to write more and to spur me into more reading!

My Greeting Card Organizer

My Greeting Card Organizer
My Greeting Card Organizer
It's not everyday that I fork out $40+ on a whim...
But I convinced myself that I needed this in the store, that I really needed it... So I purchased it.
I get it home & panic. That's over $40, what did I do that for? Surely, I can organise my birthday cards for cheaper than that, surely just tossing them into a drawer should work.... but it doesn't. I've lived with stuffing new bday cards into drawers for years & always lose them, always forget them and never remember to send them. NOT ANYMORE.

This organiser has pockets at the start of each month for you to store any birthday cards for that month. And yes, it has a monthly planner to note all those birthday's down too.
The only thing missing from it, is an extra slot to pop all those blank cards in - you know the ones that you send on a moments thought to make someones day or a get well card or a congratulations card. But that's ok, I'm coping without that, I've slotted them into the back page!

So, yes, know that I've thought about it, I'm glad I spent that money, it's an investment.  I'm getting organised so look out world!!
I definitely recommend the organizer!

Click on the image or the title to take you somewhere to purchase it online.

11 January, 2012

No crafting here...

Hey there! How are you?  Whatchya been doing?
I've been doing Ab-So-Lute-Ly no crafting..... and that feels awful.
Well, I guess I lie just a little, I'd actually forgotten that this is crafting. It seems more like a chore but it's almost finished. And no, I didn't get it finished in time for Xmas, but Bubba didn't notice and I tried not to care!

So what have I been doing?  Well, I'm still trying to unpack, but it's hard with a baby attached to your butt!  Huh??  Yep, he's attached to my skirt! He's learning to stand and to walk & insists on standing & holding onto my skirt when I'm bent over the oven, an unpacking box or trying to brush my teeth. Consequently, I haven't found the bed sheets (& they really need to be changed), nor have I found the blender, my scissors, my comfy shoes or bubba's toothbrush.  My hubby comes home each night and after dinner, off he goes & unpacks a box. Huh. I'm jealous I can't do that cos I'm stuck in the kitchen doing the washing up or cleaning the thousand crumbs bubba has left on the floor or collapsed on the couch from exhaustion.
Yep, who'd have guessed looking after a 12mth old was exhausting!!!

jammed in his pj's
jammed after breakie!

Today, guess what I've been doing?
I've been following bubba up & down the hallway countless times as he walks behind his trolley, I have to follow 2 steps behind because he gets jammed a lot & I have to fix it within seconds otherwise he sits on the floor & screams.  Up & down, up & down, up & down all morning long.
Sometimes he'd stop though, too watch a minute or two of Sesame Street.  Today on SS, they were talking about the letter W.  They asked us what our favourite word is that starts with W and that got me thinking as I walked up & down the hallway. W.  Hmm, I think my favourite W word is Walrus followed by Willow.

What's your favourite W word??   Oh, yes, I agree, I think I need to interact with adults more!!

01 January, 2012

Hello Twelve

Ahh, a new year, welcome 2012, welcome.
So Twelve, what shall we do this year? Will we be friends & have fun & adventures & laugh a lot? I hope so, I don't want the opposite of that, nope, not indeed.
I have some ideas Twelve, some great ideas on what we can do together.
We can try our best to make do.
Yep, make do! That's going to be our catch phrase for this year.

We shall try our bestest to Make Do with what we have.
We shall try our bestest to Make Do with all the zillions of crafty stuff that I have & either make it or give it away.
We shall try our bestest to read &/or use every book we have.
We shall try our bestest indeed.
And to support us along the way, I'm going to blog it all Twelve. If it's blogged, then it's a promise to myself that I'll do it.  And yes Twelve, I am aware that we may not complete it all in 2012, we have to have Thirteen & maybe Fourteen to help too.
After I nearly quit my blog a few months back, I had to sit back & try to remember why I started this blog... I remembered that I started it for me, for my record of my crafts, memorable events & other stuff. So I'm getting it back on track with that, it's going back to being my blog and not what I felt it had to become!
So my dear bloggy readers, there will be some changes to the crafyrie blog this year, I'll be adding tabs to the top of the page & adding my (shame) Make Do lists for Crafts, Books & even Food. Yep, I'll be trying out all those recipes scattered around the house, stuck in books & recording those that worked. I hope you stick around, it's been great having you here!
Happy New Year to you, your family & friends.
Love Rie.