11 January, 2012

No crafting here...

Hey there! How are you?  Whatchya been doing?
I've been doing Ab-So-Lute-Ly no crafting..... and that feels awful.
Well, I guess I lie just a little, I'd actually forgotten that this is crafting. It seems more like a chore but it's almost finished. And no, I didn't get it finished in time for Xmas, but Bubba didn't notice and I tried not to care!

So what have I been doing?  Well, I'm still trying to unpack, but it's hard with a baby attached to your butt!  Huh??  Yep, he's attached to my skirt! He's learning to stand and to walk & insists on standing & holding onto my skirt when I'm bent over the oven, an unpacking box or trying to brush my teeth. Consequently, I haven't found the bed sheets (& they really need to be changed), nor have I found the blender, my scissors, my comfy shoes or bubba's toothbrush.  My hubby comes home each night and after dinner, off he goes & unpacks a box. Huh. I'm jealous I can't do that cos I'm stuck in the kitchen doing the washing up or cleaning the thousand crumbs bubba has left on the floor or collapsed on the couch from exhaustion.
Yep, who'd have guessed looking after a 12mth old was exhausting!!!

jammed in his pj's
jammed after breakie!

Today, guess what I've been doing?
I've been following bubba up & down the hallway countless times as he walks behind his trolley, I have to follow 2 steps behind because he gets jammed a lot & I have to fix it within seconds otherwise he sits on the floor & screams.  Up & down, up & down, up & down all morning long.
Sometimes he'd stop though, too watch a minute or two of Sesame Street.  Today on SS, they were talking about the letter W.  They asked us what our favourite word is that starts with W and that got me thinking as I walked up & down the hallway. W.  Hmm, I think my favourite W word is Walrus followed by Willow.

What's your favourite W word??   Oh, yes, I agree, I think I need to interact with adults more!!


  1. Some days I look at the clock and the whole day has gone, it's dinner time and nothing is sorted! Looking after kiddies is hard work!! I almost feel asleep on the couch today, thankfully my 2 year old jumped on me. Good luck for tomorrow

  2. I agree with Tessa, sometimes just going along for the ride is what it's all about!
    hope tomorrow is a better day...if it's not, hope you can just enjoy the good bits of it and smile ♥

  3. Wallow.
    And boy am I glad the learning to walk days are behind me now!
    Have fun!

  4. I miss my little man being that size. He will be 7 in March and is into his second year at school. I hate to admit it but I am still not getting things done around here like I should. In the morning it is off to take kids to school, pick up anything in town that needs picked up, come home and pick up a little bit, lunch, craft a little and go get kids again. I feel your pain sister.


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