12 January, 2012

My Greeting Card Organizer

My Greeting Card Organizer
My Greeting Card Organizer
It's not everyday that I fork out $40+ on a whim...
But I convinced myself that I needed this in the store, that I really needed it... So I purchased it.
I get it home & panic. That's over $40, what did I do that for? Surely, I can organise my birthday cards for cheaper than that, surely just tossing them into a drawer should work.... but it doesn't. I've lived with stuffing new bday cards into drawers for years & always lose them, always forget them and never remember to send them. NOT ANYMORE.

This organiser has pockets at the start of each month for you to store any birthday cards for that month. And yes, it has a monthly planner to note all those birthday's down too.
The only thing missing from it, is an extra slot to pop all those blank cards in - you know the ones that you send on a moments thought to make someones day or a get well card or a congratulations card. But that's ok, I'm coping without that, I've slotted them into the back page!

So, yes, know that I've thought about it, I'm glad I spent that money, it's an investment.  I'm getting organised so look out world!!
I definitely recommend the organizer!

Click on the image or the title to take you somewhere to purchase it online.

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