20 January, 2012

Sedy Mutar

I'm whipping up some Seedy Mustard... mmm, mustard!

First you mix the seeds...
Then you add the vinegar..
Then you take another photo cos it looks so pretty!
Then you take some and whizz it up..
Then you add some liquid..
Then you add some whole seeds back to it..
Then you bottle it up, using the old baby food jars!..
And make them pretty and of course .. eat!


  1. Oh my! I had no idea mustard was so easy to make. And I have a whole load of seeds in my cupboard. I will try this! Thanks!

  2. OH I love seedy mustard. When my baby uses baby jars I will save them for this! Yummm... thanks!

  3. Seriously is it that simple!!!

    Umm Christmas Pressies this year! I know I know - but I got to think ahead on these things!


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