26 August, 2014

When the hubby is away....

My hubby has gone away for a few days on a work trip....so whilst hubby is away the wifey will play with new crafty stuff! 

25 August, 2014

Help! Should I chose 1, 2 or 3

I need your help!  I am on the hunt for a new knitty project but I can't decide on the yarn!

I need your opinion and... Taa daa!

Hey there!  I totally need your opinion on this bag.
Does it look ok?

20 August, 2014

Taa daa

I'd like a pat on the back please, I've actually finished my 4ply wrap!  Yay for me!!
Also, a question for you.... do you 'car craft'?

18 August, 2014

Taa daa (better late than never!)

Ok, so looky at what I made.... 

17 August, 2014

Make these super cool Cake Decorations!

You should make these super cute, super fun chocolate letters. I promise that they are really easy, really quick to make & taste yum too!
I used them recently on my mother's 70th Birthday cake & they were a hit with the Grandparents right down to the toddler!

12 August, 2014

Today, yesterday & tomorrow

Hey there!  It's winter over here & brrr, it's cold! So I've been tucked up inside going a little crafty crazy!  I've been making, buying, browsing, dreaming, drawing, baking, a little housework and a lot of mothering!

11 August, 2014

Taa daa!

Yay! I actually managed to finish something within a week of starting it, without a pattern & with no actual idea of what it was going to look like!

06 August, 2014

balls 'n' squares

Searching my stash looking for inspiring colours to make a bag for the swap. Are you joining in with the swap? You can knit, sew or crochet a project bag & then, you get happy mail! Yes, a parcel in the post just for you, come on & join in!  ...but first, tell me...

05 August, 2014

A pointy hooky?

I had this idea of making adding crochet to a tote bag for a project bag... instead of crocheting the piece of crochet onto the tote bag, I decided to take that rounded end of the hook and....

04 August, 2014

Brightening your day

Gradations of Woodland and Garden - 60 Color Yarn Design Set
I'm sitting here, in wintery Tasmania listening to the sound of rain, watching my baby girl trying to pull apart the toddlers colouring books, sipping tea....and perusing the internet. All of a sudden an explosion of colour happens and I am suckered right in, so I thought I'd share the bright happy yarny loving piccies with you!