05 August, 2014

A pointy hooky?

I had this idea of making adding crochet to a tote bag for a project bag... instead of crocheting the piece of crochet onto the tote bag, I decided to take that rounded end of the hook and....
try to make it pointy for sticking into the bag. Hmm. Weird I know, but this is what it looks like after about 10 minutes sanding with an emery board! 
 So then I tried several ways to poke it into the fabric, I did manage to get some stitches on but geesh,
it is totally time consuming. Now I could pre-poke the holes!  Or I could use a finer crochet hook or find tote bags with 'more gaps' in the weave. I could also make my life a lot easier & use a non-splitty yarn. OR... I could just put it down & try something else!
This is me trying something new for The Project Bag Swap - are you joining in? It's not to late to join in & make a project bag, more deets here.

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