17 August, 2014

Make these super cool Cake Decorations!

You should make these super cute, super fun chocolate letters. I promise that they are really easy, really quick to make & taste yum too!
I used them recently on my mother's 70th Birthday cake & they were a hit with the Grandparents right down to the toddler!

This is what the letters looked like on the birthday cake. We had a morning tea celebration to celebrate my mum's 70th birthday and I didn't want to put 70 candles on the cake so I opted for some bold letters instead. 
You will need:
~ melted chocolate (I used white chocolate)
~ cake sprinkles (I used this brand's bright pink sprinkles)
~ toothpicks
~ baking or non-stick paper
~ a flat surface (I used a cookie tray)
~ piping bag with nozzle
To make:
~ Firstly, melt the chocolate & spoon into the piping bag.
~ Place the non-stick paper onto the flat surface (or cookie tray).
~ Sprinkle some sprinkles(!) onto the surface.
~ Using the piping bag, pipe the letter/s.
 Then carefully place a toothpick onto the letter, ensuring that it is nestled into the chocolate.
Then sprinkle more of the sprinkles over the letter. 

 Continue this way for the rest of the lettering.
Leave the chocolate to set, I left mine to set overnight then carefully peel away from the non-stick paper dusting off any excess sprinkles.
Voila, your words are ready to decorate the cake!
This would also look super fab with hearts, stars or even Christmas trees!  I might try these with hearts & edible glitter next Valentines Day.
If you make some, I'd love to see - pop a comment a below with a link to your letters/decorations.
the birthday cake aftermath!

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