24 October, 2009

Perfect way to end a bad day.......

Ok, so I've been working hard - doing overtime at the office. I arrive home, exhausted, slump on the couch and Mr hands me a beer (sweet!) and a parcel that arrived in the post today.

"For me?" ...... I enquire to myself, but I haven't ordered anything!

A PIF has found it's way back to me! Brilliant!  Thanks PollyPratt - I adore every little bit!
Mr & I chink our beers together and I excitedly opened my package.....

First there was the awesome stamped brown bag and then this giant gift tag.....

Then there were two groovy badges/brooches.....

And these two dangles - a teacup and a butterfly (they are already hanging from my inside fern!)

These most excellant fabric squares - am trying to decide on what to turn them into.....

And they were all tucked up nicely into this very funky zipped pouch!

Oh and there was a chocolate Freddo Frog too.... but he didn't last long enough for his photo to be taken!
Job well done, Anna! Check out Anna's Polly Pratt blog now!

BTW have you checked out my giveaway yet... it's a long blogpost - but at the bottom is a great necklace to win!


Take one ball of string.... what can I turn it into too?
Hmm, I'm not sure yet, but I'll try & I'll keep you posted!

Which one do I try first...... maybe a small flat bowl with the white and a small basket with the blue/white?
Have you made anything with string... got any hints??

18 October, 2009

Uh oh...

Just started a new crochet project and BAM, my crochet hook snapped into two pieces.

Oh well, maybe I'll read a book instead!

Have you entered my giveaway yet? Click here to enter......

17 October, 2009

My Place & Yours - On The Shelf

I'm joining in the meme at Meet Me at Mikes blog - this week's theme is On The Shelf.

Now, these aren't my shelves... I wish!
I snapped this photo at the Parliament Library when the Victorian Parliament House had an open day.
I wish I had this in my house!

To join in the fun, click here to sign up....

14 October, 2009

Bday Gifts & a Giveaway

As I write this, I am another year older... yes, it's that time of year again when the birthday has come & gone!
I was so lucky this year, receiving many special handmade gifts, that I thought I just had to share them with you.
Firstly, my awesome mother made this card for me:
If you look closely at the flowers, you may notice the flowers are made out recyced envelopes. I think it looks great!

Then she spun & knitted me a silky woollen scarf - it's so soft & completely divine!
And yes, there was another pair of hand knitted socks.... excellant!

In today's mail, was another nice suprise, my girlfriend of 20-odd years, hand-made a card for me! I absolutely adore it & think it's extra special - cos she has six kids & can still make fantastic gifts like this! (making me feel bad, as I barely manage to get myself ready & out the door each day for work!)
But, I have to admit, the best gift I received this year, and as every year, is the gift my brother gives me..... he calls me & chats to me about all the things that his little sister wants to talk about... now that's sweet!

And now to the giveaway.... with all the receiving of gifts, I think it only fair to have a Giveaway...
So, this hand felted (needle felted) necklace with wooden pendants on a leather cord is up for grabs......and no, I'm not re-gifting, I made this myself!
All you have to do to enter, is be a follower of my blog and post a comment below stating such! Yes, I have decided I only want my new webbieblog friends to enter - greedy aren't I!
Also, if you are a follower, for an extra chance at winning, post another comment stating that you have blogged about this comp on your blog!
Competition closes on the 8th November 2009... long deadline cos I'm headed to NZ for a short break!
And because I'm feeling extra happy..... there will be additional runner up prizes for 3 people, probably some crocheted flowers or small hand-made notelet books.

11 October, 2009

Sock it to 'em

Do you love knitted socks?  I've just added another two to my collection.... they were originally for Mr but since I love wearing homemade socks so much, he kindly handed them over! Awwwe, ain't he just sweet!

My mum knitted him two pairs for his birthday...

Seventies Retro...

and my fav.... blue & green stripes.

Thanks Mum!  .... can I have some for my birthday... orange with red stripes or grey with purple stripes????

02 October, 2009

Cosy for Tea

I was sitting at my mother inlaw's kitchen table last year, watching her pour the tea, admiring the vintage tea cosy she was using.
"That's what I want for Christmas!" I said.

So, magically for Christmas, she knitted me two tea cosies and I love them!

I love hand crafted gifts - what's the best hand made gift you've received?