02 October, 2009

Cosy for Tea

I was sitting at my mother inlaw's kitchen table last year, watching her pour the tea, admiring the vintage tea cosy she was using.
"That's what I want for Christmas!" I said.

So, magically for Christmas, she knitted me two tea cosies and I love them!

I love hand crafted gifts - what's the best hand made gift you've received?


  1. They are beautiful. I love hand crafted gifts too. The best hand made gift I've received? Hmmm...

    My friend is an artist and she painted my husband and I a painting for our wedding present. It was a giant portrait of the both of us. We had used some text in our invitation and she had hand written it on pattern paper and pasted the paper on as my husband suit in the painting. It's hard to describe but looks amazing!!

  2. My girl's give me more gorgeous hand made gifts than I know what to do with. I love your tea cosies. I found one for my Mum in an op shop the other day but I really should get around to crocheting one soon.

  3. me too! my stepmom is an artist when it comes to knitting sweaters. i love anything knitted. happy weekend!

  4. I think my most treasured homemade gift is a "card" from my nephew who was about 4yrs at the time. It's a maze like picture of lines and lots of colours. He said when he gave it to me that he didn't know what to draw me so he drew lots of colours coz he thought I might like that. He was right!

  5. Lovely tea cosies:) My favorite hand made gift would have to be a kaleidoscope my partner made for me for our first Christmas together. I hand made him a pair of boxer shorts in return.

  6. I'm such a sucker for little notes. My girls get away with anything when they leave a little note and picture at my bedside.


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