30 May, 2017

Scrap busting: a mini bassinet for a doll


Would you believe that this little toy cot/bassinet is made from scraps? Yeah, it sure is and here's the photo to believe it!  

24 May, 2017

Taa daa: Crochet Embroidery Hygge shawl/wrap

It's a wrap!  Yep, corny pun but I've been waiting to use it ever since I started this wrap!  I finished it spot on time, within the last week of the CAL too, so I'm pretty impressed with myself as it's the first time that I've actually finised a CAL within the time frame!
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So here it is.. my lovely, warm snuggly wrap.

So many photos of it as it's such a beauty AND it's really long which makes it really hard to photograph plus I wanted you see the super lovely lining fabric that I used.

So what to do think of it, are you going to make one yourself? You can still get the yarn kits from here (& pattern details too), the yarn is super soft and there are a few snazzy colour combos to choose from.

What's next? Hmm, so many things on my list. I'm thinking ahead and planning birthday and Christmas presents so that means that I'm finally opening this cute book and start crocheting caravan that is in it! ..yay!!  I'm also thinking of maybe putting my hook down for a week or two and am thinking of making this carpet style bag, it's so tempting and I could carry my wips in it!

Also, I popped up a quick video showing the wrap onto YouTube so you can see it a bit better. Link is here....