08 February, 2017

Laney's little bag

We often have bad cases of FOMO in our house, you know .. Fear Of Missing Out .. so when Joe got a new bag for school, I had to make sure Laney had something just as special.

06 February, 2017

All the pretty yarn

A quick post to show you that I received my (very pretty) yarn pack today for the Hygge CAL (more info here).
The yarn is so squishy and scrummy.  I got the yarn from here and it only took 2 weeks from the UK to Tasmania Australia
.. meanwhile, I'm still awaiting a parcel that I ordered 2.5 weeks ago from Perth, Western Australia!!

04 February, 2017

Wide Open Backpack

Ever stood in one space day after day wishing there was a better solution to what you were watching, I have. Every school day, I stood there and patiently waited whilst Joe struggled to shove his stuff into his (store bought) school back pack as the openings were never wide enough for his 5 year old self to cope with. So this year, when it came to buy Joe a new backpack, I wanted something that opened up big & wide and this is what he ended up with and yes, I made it!

02 February, 2017

Making for me #2017VAL

Yes, it's that time of year again where I think about making something just for me as it's almost time for the #2017Val.
What is a VAL?  It's a Valentine-Along where you make/buy/do something just for you!