11 January, 2017

A stunning crochet & cross-stitch CAL, join in!

image via source
Ok, so I've just spotted a piccie of a crochet-along (CAL) that is starting in February and wow, it's amazeballs! 
Not only is it stunning but it's for a wrap AND it combines a beautiful mix of crochet and embroidery/cross stitch AND has helpful videos along the way so you won't get stuck. 

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image via source

I'm looking at the yarn piccies now, trying to decide upon which colourway I'd choose as there are currently three stunning yarn packs to choose from (or choose your own of course).

You can get the yarn packs from here, with choices of Rainbow, Jewel and Pastel.

So will you join in with me, we can have our own mini CAL here and we can join in with the official Facebook group too and then we can look awesome together when we are showing off our finished wraps together over the internet!

...eeks, I'm so excited!!  I don't really need to start another project right now but I can't resist this one but I just can't decide between the Rainbow & Jewel colourways, sigh.. such a dilemma.


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