22 August, 2013

Not a flat pancake

With our exciting trip (yeah!) planned & underway, I thought I'd better start something on the hook that was quick, easy & no pattern reading or excess yarn needed.
So I started another project bag.... but I need to undo it & start again as it is supposed to be FLAT not looking like a bra!  But hey, easily fixed and it will give me something to do whilst bubba Joe is napping on holi!

19 August, 2013

A knitty group

Colourful chevron baby blanket by Rachel
I belong to a knitting group, do you?  I kind of feel like I'm 'coming out of the closet' by saying that because many people laugh when they find out I belong to a knitting group but hey, I'm not ashamed of my hobby & I'm not embarrassed to knit in public either so I ignore those titters & sniggers that I hear & happily attend my group at the local cafe.

14 August, 2013

A boys blanket

With everything nowadays focusing on the baby, I wanted to make something for bubba Joe (I didn't want him to start resenting the baby before it was even born!)
So I picked out a stash of colours and started...
I don't want to show you the pattern yet, I want to tease you for a little bit because I am quite excited by this pattern & can't wait to see it come together!

12 August, 2013

Taa daa (x2)

I've been making more booties, this time with a new pattern from The Lovely Crow - see Ravelry for more info here.

08 August, 2013

On the go...

Right now, I've got two current yarnie projects on the go. The rainbow stripey thingy was going to be a snuggle sleeve for the baby but the yarn is too fluffy for that, so bubba Joe is getting a scarf (which he is very happy about!).

07 August, 2013

To hex or not?

Hey there people! I am wanting your super advice right now.  Do you see the pile of fabrics above? Well, I am wanting to cut up that pretty bundle & sew them into hexagons and maybe make myself a quilt for my bed.  ...BUT...