19 August, 2013

A knitty group

Colourful chevron baby blanket by Rachel
I belong to a knitting group, do you?  I kind of feel like I'm 'coming out of the closet' by saying that because many people laugh when they find out I belong to a knitting group but hey, I'm not ashamed of my hobby & I'm not embarrassed to knit in public either so I ignore those titters & sniggers that I hear & happily attend my group at the local cafe.

Stripey baby cardigan by Claire
I never belonged to a group when I lived in Melbourne, it was something that I decided to do when I moved interstate. What better way to make friends than to attend something that interests you!   (It was tough to find the knitting group but Ravelry helped me there!)
But mostly I wanted to say thank you!  You see, today was my knit group (or knit club as I like to call them) and they surprised me with a baby shower!  How cool was that!  I never had a baby shower when I was pregnant with bubba Joe so this was extra sweet for me!
The smallest of baby hat & socks by Suzanne & chunky baby beanie by Chris
I got the coolest of gifts mostly handknitted but I also received some gift vouchers & much needed baby essential items as well.
A softy snuggly by Chris & handknitted bear by Sue's 95yo mum!
 Do you have a craft group that you belong too?  Do you craft in public?   Do you knit in the car?  I like to knit in the car, I can't crochet in the car as that requires me to wear my reading glasses but knitting doesn't really require me to look at all!  And speaking of such things (car craft), my hubby, 2yo & 8mth pregnant self are about to jump in the car tomorrow, drive for 5+ hours & then catch the Spirit of Tasmania (ship) to Melbourne for our first holiday in 2 years!  Yay!  We will be there for a week & I can't wait!  But hey, are you in Melbourne? Can you tell me of any exciting things that are happening now or during this week, maybe a fab market or fair?