30 July, 2012

Taa daaa

So, what weighs over 400grams & is 2.4metres long?
This beauty is!

26 July, 2012

Taa daa ...

I'm pretty chuffed with myself right now....       

24 July, 2012

and the winner is....

Who won this cute teatowel??  
......#7 which is Maureen Hayes 
Yay for Maureen, I will send you an email for your postal details!


Happiness is a bunch of newly purchased yarn....
...does this make you happy too??

18 July, 2012

Yarn stash

Being that it is Winter here & very chilly, I've been stuck inside.... So what does a girl do when it's too cold inside to craft???????  
She plays with her yarn stash of course!   
I've been sorting it & logging my stash onto Ravelry, I'm nearly half way through the stash now.
Have you added your stash to Ravelry? It's quite rewarding and you get to see all the other projects that people have been making with the same yarn - oodles of inspiration!
If you have added it to Raverly, then put a link to your Rav page in the comments section so I can drool admire it!!

16 July, 2012


Is scarfing a word?  Well, anyway, in my world it is - I've been scarfing all week!  After my failure at beanie making (here), I decided to stick to what I can do & that is knit a scarf!

13 July, 2012

Thrifty goodness & a GIVEAWAY

I popped into my local opp shop the other day & picked up some goodies....
a neat little tray

11 July, 2012

Vinyl Glass Decal

I finally found time to put the vinyl decal onto the glass sliding door!
Here is the before photo of the door - boring yes. This door my hubby has 'walked through' twice, both times extremely funny for me but not for him as he nearly broke his nose, but I only decided to put a decal on it after bubba tried to 'walk through' the door - that was NOT funny, a lot of tears.  The photo is taken from the kitchen looking outside to the back yard.
And, here is the after shot... you can barely see the decal in the photo, which is actually fantastic because I didn't want the decal to be 'in ya face' or stand out too much. 

09 July, 2012

This not a hat....

I made a beanie, yes a hat and here it is....
 Ok, so it didn't turn out to be a hat........

06 July, 2012

Blog find.... Clothing Sewing Kits

Check out this fab website that I just stumbled upon.  
They sell sewing kits for clothes & heaps of other things! I think this is just a fab idea!!  

04 July, 2012

Try & try again

Because of my stupid bandaged finger, I can't do hardly anything!
I tried to knit bubba some mittens to keep his poor lil fingers cold cos it's winter & FREEZING down here but no, I can't use DPN's with a bandaged finger.  

So I tried to crochet a doiley but no, I can't use a fine crochet hook with a bandaged finger.
So I crocheted a granny square cushion cover but  I can't finish it cos I don't have a cushion insert to measure its size against!
So, sigh, I start another project. 

02 July, 2012

New fabric

Grabbed myself some cute new fabric to brighten my winter...

I thought bubs would like this ..
but no.....
he LOVES this one! He keeps grabbing it, pointing & asking "dis?" "dis?" "dis?"