16 July, 2012


Is scarfing a word?  Well, anyway, in my world it is - I've been scarfing all week!  After my failure at beanie making (here), I decided to stick to what I can do & that is knit a scarf!

I'm using some old handspun of mine - I found it lurking in the bottom of my yarn stash!
It's chunky spun (the only way I know how to do), thick, softy & snuggly..... and the only 'bloke' colour yarn that I have!

'Bloke' colour? Yep, my husband declared that all my blues, greens, greys were girly shades - huh... well I guess I need to go yarn shopping then don't I hubby dearest!!
I'm making the scarf for this.......
Are you joining in & making something blokey too?