09 July, 2012

This not a hat....

I made a beanie, yes a hat and here it is....
 Ok, so it didn't turn out to be a hat........

Hmm, was it me or the pattern that was wrong?!
Anyways, I think it looks fab and it is now a piece of textile art that I shall hang from the wall!
So, why was I making a hat? Here's why...... 

Have you joined in the beanie drive?  Can you make a hat or are you a terrible hat maker like me? If you are terrible at it too, don't fret, make a scarf like I'm doing instead!   For more details about the beanie drive click here.......


  1. It looks like a Fascinator!

  2. You could wear it as a fascinator!

  3. that looks like something i´d make. ;)
    love the colors you chose.
    big hugs rie!


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