22 April, 2013

A little hooky business

I itched to pick up the crochet hook again and not wanting to follow a project pattern, I opened up the stitchy book & learnt a new stitch. This stitch has many names ...and if I could find where bubba has hidden the book I would gladly tell you it, but until then lets just call it a stitchy circle!

16 April, 2013

I have something to tell you.

Hello!  How are you?  Me, I'm good, really good!  You may have noticed (or not but that's ok) that I haven't really been here at my blog this year but I have a reason, so let me tell you why.
... but before I go any further, this blog post contains a discussion of a sensitive nature, and if you are offended by such things, please do not read on.

10 April, 2013

Taa Daaa

This is a very belated Taa Daaa!  I finished this at the start of February but my life has been really screwey lately so I'm lucky to get this taa daaa up on my blog at all!