30 November, 2011

and the winner is....

Wait, not winner but ........ WINNERS!!
Yes, there are 3 winners in The Lovely Crow giveaway!
And the lucky winners are:

True Random Number Generator   
41  BettsPowered by RANDOM.ORG

True Random Number Generator  
160 AnonPowered by RANDOM.ORG
.. but they are contactable!!

True Random Number Generator  
65 TonyaPowered by RANDOM.ORG

Congratulations to the 3 lucky duckies! I'll contact you via email with details on how to claim your prizes!
BTW...I don't know why the True Random Number Generator pics are showing min 1 to Max 100, when the Max is 232 - weird, don't know why it's doing that but I promise, the numbers were drawn from 1 to 232.

23 November, 2011

Stuff it!

I just walked out to the garden to hang the nappies on the line, when I suddenly realised, that I was in the garden. Yep, I know. Not the smartest cookie in the pack! But I realised that we will only be here for another 2 weeks before we move, in fact, it's less than 2 weeks now.  So then it will be bye bye garden, bye bye flowers and bye bye spectacular view.  
And here I am sitting inside, stressing about trying to make Xmas gifts for everyone & missing out on the garden. So Stuff It.  I'll buy them all boxes of chocolates, packets of cookies & cartons of beer and make presents next year.

So if you want me, I'll be out the back, on a picnic rug with my son.

Chat soon!

BTW... it's not like the hand-made presents are overly appreciated by the recipients... So I'll just 'bust a gut' & finish Bubba's Xmas stocking and buy the rest  gifts!!  Do you ever feel the same?  Do you feel that your hand-made gifts often go under-appreciated??
Oh.. and the view??  Here 'tis!

22 November, 2011

On another table...

Too much hand-sewing without a thimble is making my middle finger tip very sore...
So I'm taking a break. A short break!
AND... I just realised how close Xmas is... 
I need to do some cutting so I can make some cards as gifts.
Then I'll have to hunt out the blank cards, the glue and my lil rubber stamp!
And my thimble? I've got 3... but they're packed in boxes cos we're moving Oh So Soon!!!

21 November, 2011

Hidden J or can you see it?

I've now added red & white hexy's all the way around the J...
Can you still see the J?
I didn't want the J to stand out like a sore thumb, I wanted you to see it if you were looking for it.....
Whatchya think? Does it work?

20 November, 2011

Making Red & White Hexy's

Progress: I'm building a block of Hexy's to add to the Xmas stocking.
Then, I've added it to the curve of the J. Now to sew in place.
Next step: I'll now need to add more to the other side of the J...

19 November, 2011

A hexy J

Can you see the J... can you?

This is the start of my bubba's Xmas stocking.. the J, of course, is for Joe!
I'm starting the Xmas stocking with the J, then I'll add the red & white hexy's
around it to build the shape of the stocking.
I'll let you know how it goes!

18 November, 2011

An extra, un-needed step!

Turns out... that you don't need to pin the fabric in place....

You can baste just fine without pinning - THE bonus of having small hexy's!

Lesson learned!

17 November, 2011

Stacks of business cards

Do you have stacks of business cards that you've collected over the years?
Yep? Hey, me too!  
Especially since we just finished looking at houses, I have lots of real estate agents cards scattered everywhere.
So, I decided to cut them all up into hexagons...

Creating a big stack of hexy's to use for Bubba's Xmas stocking!

16 November, 2011

Tracing a stocking

Bubba Joe needs a Xmas stocking... it'll be his very first one! Yay!
So, I traced our Chrissie stockings.
I did it kneeling on the floor, facing away from Bubba, so he couldn't touch the scissors.
But do you know how hard it is to cut a straight line with a baby tugging your clothes then a baby hand on your butt then a baby hand in places that a baby's hand shouldn't go.  Yes. It is very hard to cut a straight line, so the line is a little wonky in places. But the shape is there.
Wanna see what I used as a template..... 
Yep, a good ole cereal box!!

15 November, 2011

In the post

Look at what was waiting for me in my postbox!

Cool huh!  
It's from the lovely Liesl of Jorth!
..... and if you want to make one yourself,
she's popped the tutorial on WhipUp. Check it out!

... I'm thinking it's the perfect size for keeping a block of chocolate!!!!

14 November, 2011


Ebeth of The Lovely Crow is having a giveaway right here on CraftyRie!
There will be 3 winners.. yes, 3 chances to win!
What can you win?
You can win (your choice) of crochet patterns from The Lovely Crow's Etsy shop.
Here are just some of the great patterns available.
Baby Crochet Pattern Baby  for Baby Goshalosh Boots -  4 sizes - Newborn to 12 months. Baby boy shoes Crochet Pattern Loafers  for Little PRINCE Loafers  -  4 sizes - Newborn to 12 months. Ballet Slippers Crochet Pattern for Baby ROSEY BALLET SLIPPERS
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Crochet Pattern Toddler Mary Janes Shoes for - TODDLER RIBBON MARYJANES Boots Crochet Pattern boots  for Sugar and Spice Boots -  4 sizes - Newborn to 12 months. PDF Crochet Pattern for Princess Diaper Cover - sizes 0-3, 3-6, and 6-12 Months
Remember, Christmas is just around the corner, you could crochet something up quickly as a gift & truly make someone's day!!

To enter:    'Like' The Lovely Crow on Facebook & come back here & leave a comment stating that you have 'liked' the page. 
Click here to go to The Lovely Crow on Facebook.

Remember to leave a way for me to contact you if you are the winner!
and remember... there will be 3 winners!!  Yay!

Entries close the 30th November 2011.
Good luck!
THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED, Stay tuned for more Giveaways on CraftyRie!!

And off they go...

Red & White... that was the theme of a Xmas hand-made swap...  
Scratched my head for a bit, put the thinking cap on...
This is what I came up with, a White Crochet Garland

and a large Christmas Coaster, perfect for popping a bowl of lollies on.

Whatchya think, are they ok?
But I had a dilemma, however do you wrap a garland!!
Now... are you the lucky recipient?  Maybe, maybe not... only time will tell!

Did you join the in The Haby Goddess Kris Kringle Swap this year?

13 November, 2011

Living with Crochet

Here is something that's making me happy at the moment and that's Living with Crochet.
 Bubba Joe (made by me & Mr!)  in a crocheted Jacket (made by me) with 
crocheted Boots (made by me), leaning on a crochet cushion (made by me)
and sitting on a crochet blanket (made by Grandma!).

How are you living with your crochet or your crafts at the moment?

11 November, 2011

Christmas Cutting

I'm cutting up the strips of fabric for Bubba's Chrissie Stocking.
Bubba is supervising from the high-chair, offering the odd constructive criticism!!

On the hook

Another crochet on the go...
This time I'm trying to make a garland.....

09 November, 2011

On the hook

Trying something new, yep another attempt at another pattern!  
It's kinda working but the pattern isn't making sense & I'm having to refer to the diagram rather than the actual written pattern!
I don't know what's happening to me, this is the second pattern I'm trying in 2 weeks. You see, I don't read patterns, I don't understand them, I don't have the patience for them... It must be this motherhood gig, it's screwing with my head!!!!!!

08 November, 2011

In the post

Look what I received in the post from Rose in Thorns!!!
 The cutest oil burner, I can't wait to pop it onto the window sill in the kitchen of my new house.. roll on December!
And some Soy Melts in Rose fragrance - mmm, they smell divine! Oh, if this was just a rub & smell screen you could just smell how utterly divine this whole package smells!

And you just have to pop over & look at these space invader melts!!!
Too cute!!!
Thanks Rose!!