13 November, 2011

Living with Crochet

Here is something that's making me happy at the moment and that's Living with Crochet.
 Bubba Joe (made by me & Mr!)  in a crocheted Jacket (made by me) with 
crocheted Boots (made by me), leaning on a crochet cushion (made by me)
and sitting on a crochet blanket (made by Grandma!).

How are you living with your crochet or your crafts at the moment?


  1. Cute baby and beautiful pillow.

  2. That's what good memories are made of.
    Recently I've been taking care of an old quilt from my childhood, trying to keep it living meaningfully in my life. I love that old thing. Prob Bubba will feel the same in 20 years!


  3. Bless, he looks so cute like that! And what a lucky boy to have so much stuff made for him!


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