09 November, 2011

On the hook

Trying something new, yep another attempt at another pattern!  
It's kinda working but the pattern isn't making sense & I'm having to refer to the diagram rather than the actual written pattern!
I don't know what's happening to me, this is the second pattern I'm trying in 2 weeks. You see, I don't read patterns, I don't understand them, I don't have the patience for them... It must be this motherhood gig, it's screwing with my head!!!!!!


  1. It looks fabulous Rie! and I love the colour combo. I used to be pattern-dyslexic but I sat down one day and did the stitches over and over until I got it. So much pulling out and re-doing (sooo against my nature!) but I'm glad now. Still, yours doesn't look too bad at all. Beautiful stitchery in fact :) Kx

  2. I would love to join your directory but there is no 'linky' to use!


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